What SSDs do we use in antsle servers?

One question we’ve been getting recently is why we chose certain hardware parts to be used in antsle. Let me explain with the example of our SSD drives we it’s so important to chose the right brand if you want a good experience when managing a Private Cloud Server.   So why did we chose […]

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What OS is used in antsle

What OS is used in antsle We often face the question of what OS we use in antsle. While we usually reply “antsleOS”, that is only part of the story. antsleOS is a Hypervisor The purpose of antsle is to make it easy to create a set of virtual severs, called antlets. You can run […]

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We made it into Connect Springboard!

Another important milestone in antsle’s company history has been accomplished this week: We were admitted into the prestigious startup accelerator Connect Springboard here in San Diego! Over the next 6-9 months, 4 seasoned entrepreneurs will work with us as mentors to further grow the company.   We also moved into a new office to accommodate the company’s […]

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antsle success: 143% funded.

antsle successfully completes IndieGoGo campaign Today, antsle successfully completed their campaign at IndieGoGo. The campaign was funded 143%. A big thank you to all our backers, you guys are great! See our campaign here. antsle is the leader in home hosting. A single antsle can run over 100 antlets, each one functioning as a completely […]

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