Meet our official mascot Anthony!

On behalf of Team Antsle, we’d like to introduce you to our new friend- Anthony the ant! Anthony, a devoted developer with a passion for helping out his fellow man (or antman), is really excited to join our team! We’ve decided to introduce him by getting to know him a little bit. Our Digital Advertising Specialist, Haley sat down with Anthony and asked him a few questions. Let’s listen to his story in his own words…

Haley: Hey Anthony, what brings you to Antsle?

Anthony: Honestly, I just want to make the ant-o-sphere a better place! I consider Antsle to be the leader in decentralizing the web and giving freedom and privacy back to the people. I live my life by these values and I’m really glad to be a part of this team.

H: Why should fellow Developers be interested in Antsle?

A:  There are all sorts of awesome things you can do with our turn-key solution, including quickly deploying Virtual Private Servers that best suit your individual needs. Also, I got tired of paying those tedious monthly fees with other hosting solutions! If you like saving money and protecting your data, then Antsle is a perfect match.

H: What do you use your Antsle for?

A: I personally run software for my ant community forum website, anthill. Since I am really proud of my work and only trust it in my hands, running it on my Antsle was the perfect solution!

H: Which do you prefer: Containers or VMs?

A: I personally prefer containers! Containers allow me to save more space on my Antsle, but I do use VMs for my Windows virtual servers.

H: What’s your sign?

A: Well my birthday is coming up on August 31st (the big two)! So that makes me a Virgo. Ladies, take note… 😉

H: What do some of your hobbies include?

A: Eat. Sleep. Code. Repeat. Sometimes I break the routine, by playing video games and moderating comments on anthill.

H: What’s your favorite TV show and/or Movie?

A: My favorite show is Silicon Valley! We actually get a lot of jokes about Antsle being the Hooli box, which I think is hilarious! Just to clear that up, Antsle is our own original idea and a pure coincidence with the show. As for my favorite movies, I have to say “A Bug’s Life” and “Ant-Man”!

H: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: My personal goal is that I’ll have made friends with all my fellow ant-men across the world! I envision all of us decentralizing the web with our own Antsles and creating great content for the web. As for Antsle itself, hopefully everyone and their grandmas will be able to buy our stock on NASDAQ. You never know!

Johannes Dietzel