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Our Mission

Giving freedom, control and data ownership back to the people.

Our Story

Bernie is a long time entrepreneur since 1999 and migrated from Germany to set out for his next endeavor in San Diego. He met Johannes, a fellow immigrant from Germany and after some beers the two became friends. Both saw the same flaws in the overall state of the industry: too much power over the Internet is concentrated in too few companies. The implications of this are what we all loath: Monopolies and quasi-monopolies everywhere, charging too much, and giving very little control or ownership back to their customers.

The founders’ backgrounds complement each other, Bernie’s in tech with experience in startups and Johannes’ in marketing. Visions aligned, they decided to start a company to fix the Internet’s shortcomings and give the power back to the people.

Our Solution

Antsle is a turnkey solution for building a private cloud. We've devleoped the industry's easiest private cloud manager and a physical server that is powerful yet passively cooled and completely silent. Deploy antlets (our virtual servers) in 10 seconds, whether they are VM- or container-based. With antman, all your daily tasks are simple and instantaneous so you can focus on what’s important: Creating antlets or new templates, snapshotting, or cloning.

Our Culture

Our culture is based on mutual trust and empowerment of each individual on our team. We believe that human dignity is inviolable, and that open communication independent of corporate hierarchy is key to success. We’re a winning team that great minds thrive in.

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Life in San Diego

Located in Downtown San Diego, you will enjoy beautiful weather year round, stunning beaches, a relatively low cost of living, and a thriving tech and startup community. We have top-tier universities (UCSD, SDSU, & USD), world-class hospitals, a culturally diverse community that are open to new ideas, and a huge amount of opportunities in interesting and cutting-edge projects in tech.

Also, did we mention the Zoo, Seaworld, Balboa Park, Baseball, Coronado Island, the nightlife, unlimited outdoor activities, numerous and diverse restaurants, and a world-class craft beer community?