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Spend time executing on your mission, not managing and configuring your infrastructure. Speed up the workflow for your cybersec lab, devops environment, or edge production.

Antsle Appliances

antMan preinstalled. Ready for prod in minutes.

A Cloud that's 100% Yours

Manage your own VPSs in a private, on-prem cloud 

Deploy antlets (your virtual private servers) in a world class management console right from your browser. We've got everything you need for your on-prem, private cloud — from backups to load balancing.

antMan runs on edgeLinux, Antsle's purpose built OS. You can read more about it here.

Why Love antMan?

  • Instant Templates

OS templates, instant snapshots, rollbacks. Create your own custom templates in a breeze.

  • Agile Infrastructure

Experience the same simplicity as you expand your compute and storage across multiple nodes.

  • Easy Networking

Set up your virtual NICs, VLANs, and port forwarding rules. Super simple, point and click.

  • World Class Support

They're the ones whose parents told them "no internet" at 13 and proceeded to hack the router.

  • Full and Light Virtualization

Get more out of your hardware. Run bare-metal containers side-by-side with VMs in a unified toolset.

  • Powerful and Flexible API 

Automate and manage your antlet army. Our OpenAPI compliant REST API integrates with Terraform.


Smart Backups

Be ready for any disaster or network outage by enabling backups of your antlets. Heal antlets to any other Antsle server with a click. Flexible backends include self-managed storage or the Antsle Cloud.


Manage multiple nodes (physical servers) in antMan and set up load balancing rules to distribute traffic between your antlets. Easily scale out your storage, memory, and compute by adding new nodes.

Protector Mode

Flip the switch and transform your antMan. Create, Deploy, and Destroy Groups of antlets in a click. Purpose built to reduce the time you spend configuring your infrastructure from hours to seconds. (Coming Soon)

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