antsle: Private Cloud Servers

All the Virtual Servers you'll ever need. Without the monthly fees.

What can antsle do?


Run your apps on a Private Cloud Server

The world’s first plug & play solution, specifically built for developers! Enjoy full data ownership and privacy: Your Code, Your Data, Your Rules.

And best of all: We’ll bring your monthly hosting bill down to $0!

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Private Cloud

Who is it for?

Are you currently using hosting services like Amazon EC2, DigitalOcean or Heroku? Are you looking for easy-to-use alternatives to drive down cost and/or improve privacy?

Then antsle is for You! No matter if you use hosting personally or for your business: We deliver the hosting infrastructure that you Own and Control.

Some of the great things people do with antsle

  • Deploy your own always-on development & test environments (free)
  • Replace Dropbox, Github etc. with open-source alternatives
  • Use OwnCloud or OX App Suite for maximum privacy. Ditch iCloud and/or corresponding Google/Microsoft Services
  • Make antsle the open-source center of your home
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Meet: antsle


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Powerful. 100% Silent. 

No compromises: Zero noise, dead-easy to use, full performance. antsle is ready with the touch of a button. No hassles, no tedious search for tutorials: antsle is super easy to use.

  • Fault-tolerant technology with mirrored SSDs, ECC RAM, ZFS and more
  • Up to 8 Intel CPU cores, enabling full virtualization
  • Aluminum case acts as heat sink
  • 100% living room - compatible: Fanless, noise level 0.0db

Over 100 virtual servers.

antsleOS & antman support VMs (antlets) based on .container technology as well as full KVM virtualization. Run any operating system in each of your VMs: Linux, SmartOS, Windows, *BSD, and more. antsleOS transforms your antsle into a private data center:

  • Simple but powerful GUI to create & manage your antlets
  • Run any Linux distro in container-based antlets, share RAM between them
  • Run any operating system in each of your VMs

Built on industry standards such as custom-built Linux Kernel for optimal performance, ZFS for max reliability & mirroring, LXC, KVM, ECC RAM, libvert.

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Learn to manage your own Private Cloud Server:

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