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The Private Cloud Server, Designed for Developers.

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First plug & play solution that lets you easily host from your home or office.


Run over 100 Virtual Servers on your own Private Cloud Server.

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Create both VMs & Containers in 10 seconds and say goodbye to bloated dashboards.

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0 noise! Enjoy nothing but silence, thanks to our fanless & dustproof case design.

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Ready Out Of The Box.

All parts hand-selected for performance, developed for ease of use.

Get your own Server Flat Rate

  • High Performance: A Server Flat Rate for all your VMs & Containers. All data is auto-compressed.
  • Safe: Fault-tolerant technologies with mirrored SSDs & error-correcting (ECC) RAM.
  • Calm: Innovative case is the heat sink. No fans, no vent holes. 0 dB noise. 



Fault tolerant

Easy VPS Mgmt

Deploy in seconds

  • Fast: Get set up in 5 minutes and create Virtual Servers in 10 seconds!
  • Simple: Optimized for hosting from your home/office. No more bloated dashboards.
  • Control: All your data, private and secure. Your code, your data, your rules!

Who is it for?

Designed for Developers. Used by Many!

Please note:

We’re proud that antsle supports running any OS inside the antlets - including Windows and FreeBSD. We’re also proud that our GUI antman™ makes things really easy. That said, please note that antman is still in its early days, and not all functions you might think of are supported in antman yet. It definitely helps to have some basic understanding of the Linux command line to get the most out of your antsle. We’re working our tails off to integrate more and more functions and features into the GUI, and new versions are constantly being released. At the same time, our support team is always there for you to help you achieve any of your objectives.

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antsle Stories

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Tom Hodges

"From unboxing to first server up and running was about 10 minutes! This thing is blazing fast and as promised, 100% silent!"

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Samuel Cook

"This is a great server for anything you may want to do. It is unobtrusive, quiet, and powerful. It is backed by a passionate, knowledgeable and helpful company of professionals that are devoted to expanding the tools and features of the product into the future."

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Jay Falck

"Had a question about @antsle_Inc and actually got a call from the CEO to work it out. That's personalized service."

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Experience an antsle Private Cloud Server in your own home or office. We'll take any antsle back within 30 days, no questions asked.  

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