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What if you could create CyberSec scenarios in seconds, not hours? Create the future with us.

One Platform To Build & Deploy Your Software

Our mission is to take the guesswork out of Private Cloud. We combine the simplicity of the public cloud, with the security, savings, and control of on-prem hosting. Manage all your virtual servers with antMan.

Simplify Your IT

Simplify your IT

Manage your servers through an intuitive management console with support when you need it.

Deploy Unlimited VPS

Deploy Unlimited VPS

Run all your virtual servers on your own hardware. Don't spend additional $ for each VPS.

Speed Up Your Workflow

Speed Up Your Workflow

Create custom templates an spin up VMs or bare-metal containers in < 10 seconds.  

Antsle Private Cloud

Meet antMan... Your Management Console

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Where We're Changing The Game


Who wants to run their sensitive pentests, honeypots, threat simulations on AWS? Well, our guess is, not many. Use our wide list of prebuilt OS templates from FreeBSD to Kali and deploy in seconds.

Software Development

Ever come back from lunch and that snapshot you took is still in the works? Yuck. How about spinning up and tearing down your environments in an instant? It puts the “life” back into the development lifecycle.

Data Protection

Back up your virtual servers from anywhere to Antsle, keeping them safe and ready to take over. You can also easily backup your valuable virtual servers on Antsle to various storage backends.

Systems & Network Management

You get a call that your network is down—all 789 nodes. Work nimbly with an Antsle deployment in the DMZ to get it fixed. Use your favorite tools to make your systems play together like synchronized swimmers.

Remote & Branch Offices

Sometimes public cloud just is not the right fit for running all the software, apps, and servers that your offices need. Use our Antsle Silent Servers to have an entire cloud environment running from your desk.

You're in Good Company

Trusted by forward-thinking companies of all shapes and sizes

Dell - Customer of Antsle
U.S Army - Customer of Antsle
Nordstrom - Customer of Antsle
AT&T - Customer of Antsle
Symantec - Customer of Antsle
General Electric - Customer of Antsle
Dunbar - Customer of Antsle
BASF- Customer of Antsle
IBM- Customer of Antsle
U.S Navy - Customer of Antsle
Nokia - Customer of Antsle
Splunk - Customer of Antsle
Riverbed - Customer of Antsle
University of Boulder - Customer of Antsle
University of Virginia - Customer of Antsle
Penn State - Customer of Antsle
UMass - Customer of Antsle
Bundeswehr - Customer of Antsle
Fujitsu- Customer of Antsle
Parc - Customer of Antsle
CBS - Customer of Antsle
AECOM - Customer of Antsle
Northwestern Mutual - Customer of Antsle
Johnson & Johnson - Customer of Antsle

What's New

Software Defined Networking

Create virtual LANs, mirror traffic, created a bridged NIC for your antlet and more.

Using Antsle for Factory Systems Automation

See how plants from GE to Dumond Farms use Antsle to produce smarter and faster.

Multi Node Management and Load Balancing

Learn how manage multiple nodes and set up load balancing with Antsle.

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