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antsle - The Private Cloud Server, Designed for Developers.

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Run 100+ VPS on your own Private Cloud Server. The cool thing about antsle is each one can be both VM-based for compatibility, and Container-based for efficiency. Edge computing at its best.

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Create your VPS (we call them 'antlets') in less than 10 seconds, no matter if it's VM-based or Container-based. Provisioning times are extremely fast, under all circumstances. No more bloated dashboards like AWS.

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0 noise! Enjoy nothing but silence, thanks to our fanless & dustproof case design. 100% office & living-room compatible.

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antsle - NEWS

January 25, 2018

Redundant Power Supplies!

You can now order a redundant power supply as an optional accessory with every antsle! Check it out in our shop. 

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January 17, 2018

New branded PSUs are here!

We released our new antsle-branded power supply units with the Energy Class 6 standard! Now part of every new antsle one. 

January 2, 2018

We moved!

To accommodate the growth of our team, we've moved our corporate headquarters within San Diego! We are now part of the WeWork family.

December 12, 2017

antMan 0.9.0 & antHill!

Manage antsle from the brand new dashboard in antHill, including setting the network configuration, changing passwords and more.  

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Ready Out Of The Box.

All parts hand-selected for performance, developed for ease of use.

Get your own Server Flat Rate

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    High Performance: A server flat rate for all your VMs & Containers. All data is auto-compressed.
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    Safe: Fault-tolerant technologies with mirrored SSDs & error-correcting (ECC) RAM.
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    Calm: Innovative case is the heat sink. No fans, no vent holes. 0 noise.



Fault tolerant

Easy VPS Mgmt

Deploy in seconds

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    Fast: Get set up in 5 minutes and create both VM-based and Container-based Virtual Servers in the same toolset. 
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    Simple: Easy import of your images via drag & drop. No more bloated dashboards.
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    Control: All your data, private and secure on-premises. Your code, your data, your rules!

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Designed for Developers. Used by Many!

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