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Run 100+ VPS on your own Private Cloud Server. The cool thing about antsle is each one can be both VM-based for compatibility, and Container-based for efficiency. 

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Create your VPS (we call them 'antlets') in less than 10 seconds, no matter if it's VM-based or Container-based. Provisioning times are extremely fast, under all circumstances. No more bloated dashboards like AWS.

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0 noise! Enjoy nothing but silence, thanks to our fanless & dustproof case design. The perfect solution to run your own box on premises!

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antsle - NEWS

February 22, 2018

antMan 0.9.2 is out!

We officially released antMan 0.9.2. You can now access your antlets with a free subdomain (and more).

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February 22, 2018

Review on TechRepublic!

antsle was officially reviewed on TechRepublic! Check out what they have to say about their experience with antsle.

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January 25, 2018

Redundant Power Supplies!

You can now order a redundant power supply as an optional accessory with every antsle! Contact us for details. 

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January 17, 2018

New branded PSUs are here!

We released our new antsle-branded power supply units with the Energy Class 6 standard! Now part of every new antsle one. 

Ready Out Of The Box.

All parts hand-selected for performance, developed for ease of use.

Get your own Server Flat Rate

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    High Performance: A server flat rate for all your VMs & Containers. All data is auto-compressed.
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    Safe: Fault-tolerant technologies with mirrored SSDs & error-correcting (ECC) RAM.
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    Calm: Innovative case is the heat sink. No fans, no vent holes. 0 noise.



Fault tolerant

Easy VPS Mgmt

Deploy in seconds

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    Fast: Get set up in 5 minutes and create both VM-based and Container-based Virtual Servers in the same toolset. 
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    Simple: Easy import of your images via drag & drop. No more bloated dashboards.
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    Control: All your data, private and secure on-premises. Your code, your data, your rules!

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