Simple. Private. Cloud.

The Turnkey Solution for DevOps.

75% Hard Savings

Faster DevOps Cycles

Enterprise-Level Support

What is the antsle Private Cloud?

The antsle Private Cloud combines the simplicity and scalability of the public cloud, with the security and savings of on-prem hosting. With a cloud-like dashboard, antsle integrates both virtualization & bare-metal containerization side by side, in one single toolset. 

antsle is the first full-stack solution that takes the guesswork out of Private Cloud, gets you set up in minutes and lets you test, create and deploy.

Why antsle?

Speed Up Your Workflows

Deploy virtual servers in < 10s and perform instantaneous snapshots & rollbacks.

One Solution. Any Platform.

Use antsle Private Cloud with your existing hardware or on our turnkey antsle one server.

Keep It Simple

Easily import all your existing images via drag & drop. No more bloated dashboards. 

Highest Cost Savings

75% cost savings for existing clients, highest in the industry.

Keep It On-Prem

All your data, private and secure on your own server. 

Ready To Scale

Clustering & load balancing. Scale out to the public cloud with our ready-made kubernetes template.

antsle Private Cloud

Built on edgeLinux, managed by antMan.

Choose your hardware platform:

antsle one

Silent antsle Server I Software Preinstalled I Custom-Compiled

Your Hardware

Software-only I Runs on your hardware I Easy Installation 

Trusted by Teams of All Sizes

Enabling Innovation for Individual Devs / Ops and Leading Enterprises.

What's New

antMan 0.10.0 is out!

A more secure Web Console, the foundation to support edgeLinux and more.

FreedomCast #21 is out!

We'll show you how to easily access your antlets by domain name.

antsle accepted into CDL!

antsle was officially accepted into the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) Access program!

Experience a Live Demo

See how the antsle Private Cloud can enhance productivity for your dev / ops teams.


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