The Antsle Story

What started with an idea in the summer of 2015, has developed into more than just a Private Cloud Server for developers. Today, geeks like us from around the world are using Antsle Private Cloud Servers to host their data from their home/offices. With it, they were able to outsmart corporate giants like AWS or DigitalOcean! We're very happy to do our part in creating that story - building an army of ants that takes pride in their work and takes back control over their data. 

Why Ants(le)? ants are social creatures. One ant by itself cannot accomplish much, but in large numbers they are extremely effective! They are also among the strongest animals out there respective to size and body weight. Just like an ant, Antsle has a small foot print but it surely packs a punch!

What We Do

Antsle was designed for developers & geeks like us, looking for a more affordable and private alternative to public hosting. Instead of renting, Antsle allows you to own both hardware & software as an integrated solution. Our focus is to create a product that is easy to use, keeps data under your control, and saves you money.

Please browse around and familiarize yourself with what Antsle can do and how it can fit into your development/production environment! 

Trail of Ants

Our Army of Ants

We're a passionate bunch from all walks of life. We're dedicated to bringing the Private Cloud to the masses!

Antsle Team
Bernie Blume, CEO

Bernie Blume

CEO, Founder

Bernie started coding at age 13 and made it his profession at age 17. After a corporate career at IBM and a telecoms carrier (having managed teams of 500+ people and budgets of >$300M), he ran his startup Xionet with 100 employees from 1999 to 2009 and founded a number of other startups. Bernie founded Antsle in early 2015 and is the acting CEO. Bernie has a BSCS from University of Dortmund and a MSCS from University of Bonn. 

Joe Wonohadidjojo - Software Engineer

Joe Wonohadidjojo

Software Engineer

Joe is a graduate of UC San Diego with a degree in Mathematics - Computer Science. At Antsle, he builds features on antMan and other projects.

Originally from Indonesia, Joe has traveled to 10 countries, and counting! In his free time, Joe likes to play his guitar, go hiking in nature, and play video games.

Mardo del Cid - Software Developer

Mardo del Cid

Software Developer

Mardo is a full-stack Web & Mobile developer since 2008. He brings antMan features to life! 

When he is not writing code, Mardo is singing with his band, playing DOTA2, watching Netflix, or doing funny faces for his child.

Mario Kaack - Tech Support Engineer

Mario Kaack

Tech Support Engineer

Mario joined Antsle with over a decade of experience in network support - from desktop to network operations and working with web and software development along the way. Mario works in Quality Assurance, writing feature tests and managing the library of antlet images.

Born and raised in San Diego, Mario has returned after 20 years in Las Vegas.

Haley McMaster - Digital Marketing Coordinator

Haley McMaster

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Haley recently graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Marketing. At Antsle, she works on email marketing, paid media campaigns, social media, and SEO.

Haley likes challenges and experiencing new things, having completed three half marathons, gone skydiving, and traveled to 25 countries. 

Trail of Ants
Heike Blume - Order Fulfillment

Heike Blume

Order Fulfillment

Heike has 9 years of Customer Support and Order Fulfillment experience with companies like Deutsche Telekom, Peugeot and Apple. At Antsle, she is in charge of Hardware Build & Order Fulfillment team.

Marc Baum - Software Engineer

Marc Baum

Software Engineer

Marc works remote at Antsle while finishing up school in Germany. He helps with feature development and testing of antMan and other projects!

For fun, Marc hits the gym, reads business books, and develops video games.

Daniel Scott - Product Marketing Manager

Daniel Scott

Product Marketing Manager

Daniel works on all things product marketing. You can also find him involved in almost everything on the sales front, from pre-sales to post-sales. 

Having moved here from Turkey, Daniel enjoys getting outside and exploring San Diego by camping and hiking with his wife and kids on the weekends.

Johannes Dietzel - Market Research Analyst

Johannes Dietzel

Market Research Analyst

Originally from Germany, Johannes has been with Antsle since 2015. He plays a key role in the marketing team and helps contribute to a work-hard, play-hard culture. 

On the weekends, you can find Johannes playing beach volleyball and catching up with friends.

Antsle, Inc.

Las Vegas Office

10845 Griffith Peak Dr, Floor 2

 Las Vegas, NV 89135