A Cloud that's 100% Yours

Create your private cloud on your own infrastructure.

Bring Simplicity to your IT.

Install our OS, edgeLinux on your servers and control them all through your antMan console. We've got everything you need in a cloud: from backups to load balancing.

But best of all? It's lightning fast. ⚡Spin up antlets (what we call virtual servers) in seconds based on a variety of OS templates.

Multiple antMan Screens

Summon antlet armies to run all your applications

Core antMan Features

  • Templates and Snapshots  

OS templates, fast snapshots and rollbacks, along with the ability to create your own custom templates.

  • Smart Backups

Automate your daily backups and get your first 10 GB of backups to the Antsle Cloud FREE.

  • Easy Networking

Set up all your virtual NICs and port forwarding rules. Super simple, point and click.

  • ZFS Storage Backend

The enterprise-proven file system that scales, supports high storage, and protects against corruption. 

  • Full and Light Virtualization

Get significantly more load from your hardware by using bare-metal containers along with full VMs. 

  • Powerful and Flexible API 

Automate and manage your antlet army with our REST API, compatible with tools like Terraform. 

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Community Edition

Download the Community Edition and get immediate access to antMan. 

License & Features

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