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All the power of Home Lab +

SDN: Internal VLANs (Beta)

Configure your isolated network environments and mirror networks with internal VLANs.  

Upgrades, Security Patches 

Get the latest antMan & edgeLinux OS upgrades and vulnerability patches as soon as they are available.

Smart Backups and Healing

Self Managed Backups + 100 GB of free backups to the Antsle Cloud. Heal to any on-prem Antsle server*. Additional space $8.90/100GB/mo.

3 Support Tickets / Year

Our team will get back to you within 12 business hours of your query. Support via email. Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm Pacific.

Free 30 Day Onboarding




All the power of Essential +

SDN: Trunking (Beta)

Configure trunking to integrate your internal VLANs with outside networks. 


Manage multiple nodes from a single antMan dashboard. Copy antlets between servers. Set up a load balancer to scale traffic.

Smart Backups and Healing

Level up to 1 TB of free, hosted backup space. Additional space $7.80/100GB/mo.

10 Support Tickets / Year

Our San Diego based team will get back to you within 8 business hours of your query - although we're often much quicker. Support via email or web meeting. Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm Pacific.

Protector Mode Package 

Turn on protector mode to unlock a set of features built for the Cyber Range. Coming Soon.

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All the power of Grow +

LDAP Enabled

Get fine tuned control of your user access through the LDAP protocol.

Heal to Cloud

Self Managed Backups + 5 TB of automated backups to the Antsle Cloud. Heal on-prem* or to a hosted Antsle server for free. Additional space available for $6.90/100GB/month.

Unlimited, In-depth Support < 4h Response

Our San Diego based team will get back to you within 4 business hours of your query - although we're often much quicker. Our hours are Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm Pacific.

Discounts on Appliances

Get an exclusive opportunity to purchase Antsle One or Antsle Two appliances at discounted rates.

Plans shown are per month, billed annually. Cancel anytime, otherwise plans renew automatically. 
All plans per CPU up to 12 cores. Volume discounts available. 

Home Lab

Forever free with the purchase an Antsle One

Premium antMan License

Run as many antlets as you want. Allocate as much CPU and RAM as you have on your server. No limits.

Instant Templates

OS templates, instant snapshots, rollbacks. Create your own custom templates in a breeze.

Agile Storage Backend

An enterprise-proven file system based on ZFS. It dramatically saves space and protects your data. 

Easy Networking

Set up your virtual NICs and port forwarding rules. Super simple, point and click.

Full and Light Virtualization

Get more out of your hardware. Run bare-metal containers side-by-side with VMs in a unified toolset.

Powerful and Flexible API

Automate and manage your antlet army. Our OpenAPI compliant REST API integrates with Terraform.

Try our Free Community Edition
All the power of Home Lab for 30days

Community Edition is available for servers running on standard x86 Architecture (Intel CPUs)


What level of antMan will I get with my Antsle appliance?

Home Lab is a free, basic plan that we bundle with purchases of Antsle one D and XD servers. The Antsle two and Antsle Nano need at least antMan Essential for full operation. 

Will the Community Edition run on the Nano?

The Community Edition of antMan only runs on standard x86 architecture CPUs. The Nano needs an Essential Plan or higher to run antMan.

Can I run Windows antlets in my Antsle server?

Yes! You most definitely can. We even give you pre-configured Windows templates to save you time in the installation. You can spin up a Windows server in just a few seconds. Windows is only available on the standard x86 CPUs so it will not run on a Raspberry Pi or the Antsle Nano.

Your OS' name is edgeLinux, does that mean I need to know Linux?

No way Jose! You just need to be able to point and click.

Why did we name our OS edgeLinux? We just happen to like Linux — both practically and philosophically. We also believe that if you have the power to run some of your workloads on the edge, you can have more flexibility, save money, get better performance, and still keep things simple.

*Can I heal antlets from any Antsle server to another? 

You can both copy and heal (restore from a backup) antlets from one Antsle server to another as long as

1. Your plan supports it, and
2. The CPU architecture of both servers are the same. For example, if your antlet was running on the Antsle Nano or a Raspberry Pi 4 which has an ARM CPU then you can only restore that antlet to another ARM server.