Performance for all your daily tasks

The Antsle one Series

The Antsle one Series comes in two lines: The Antsle one D models, our memory monster, and the Antsle one XD, with a powerful Xeon-D processor.

The Power of the Private Cloud in your pocket

The Antsle Nano

Clouds don't have to be huge. The Antsle Nano combines all the power of antMan and the Private Cloud in a device that fits on your pocket. And: Although it's fanless, it certainly isn't fan-less.

Special offer for early birds.

Antsle Two Rackmount Server

Ready for the challenges of tomorrow

The Antsle two Series

With the Antsle two, we took it to the next level. It's all about performance: wether you need to run a crazy amount  of antlets or just power a very demanding setup - the Antsle two can handle them all.