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Introducing: Business Repos!

We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’ve been working behind the scenes on an awesome new feature for the last several months. Especially for those of you running antsle in any business setting!Introducing: The antsle Business Repos.Always be up-to-date, safe and secure! The antsle Business Repos are weekly updates to edgeLinux (formerly antsleOS) that fix any known security […]

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We successfully completed the Connect Springboard Accelerator Program!

We are happy to announce that we successfully graduated from the Connect Springboard Accelerator Program for Startups here in San Diego! Over the last 12 months, we were able to gain some valuable insights from industry veterans and accomplished entrepreneurs which directly translated into where we are today as a company. Our team of mentors will […]

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If storage capacity is your main concern, the price of Antsle just dropped by two thirds!

While SSD prices have become more and more affordable, they are still prohibitively high beyond 2TB. And for really high capacity, normally you don’t need to access all that information that often, so spinning drives (HDD) will be OK most of the time. We’re happy to announce that we now offer 4TB HDDs for our […]

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