Just a single Bitcoin will now buy a high-end Antsle!

bitcoin antsle

It’s been all over the news and if you own Bitcoins, no doubt you heard about it: The recent surge in Bitcoin ‘stock’, now way over $2,500 (June 7, 2017). Both Bitcoin and antsle really stand for the same values:

  1. Decentralization and Independence
  2. Giving power back to the people
  3. Entire new ways of thinking…

If you only bought 1 Bitcoin in April, that would today earn you a powerful Antsle full of exciting upgrades! If you are looking to cash in on some of the most recent gains or have been sitting on a some ‘coins’ yourself for a while – you now have the option to use Bitcoin to purchase an antsle! Simply select ‘Bitcoin’ at checkout and we’ll guide you through the process.

Do you have Bitcoins? Then what are you waiting for? https://antsle.com/shop

Johannes Dietzel