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Using Antsle for Factory Systems Automation

Automating a Factory With Antsle

Factories and manufacturing plants of all shapes and sizes are focusing getting faster and smarter. Faster production through automation and smarter production through data capture and analysis. All the systems running in a plant have to be controlled by software running on-prem. The public cloud just isn’t an option, primarily because of latency but also […]

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If storage capacity is your main concern, the price of Antsle just dropped by two thirds!

While SSD prices have become more and more affordable, they are still prohibitively high beyond 2TB. And for really high capacity, normally you don’t need to access all that information that often, so spinning drives (HDD) will be OK most of the time. We’re happy to announce that we now offer 4TB HDDs for our […]

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What OS is used in Antsle

What OS is used in Antsle We often face the question of what OS we use in Antsle. While we usually reply “antsleOS”, that is only part of the story. antsleOS is a Hypervisor The purpose of Antsle is to make it easy to create a set of virtual servers, called antlets. You can run […]

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