What OS is used in Antsle

What OS is used in Antsle

We often face the question of what OS we use in Antsle. While we usually reply “antsleOS”, that is only part of the story.

antsleOS is a Hypervisor

The purpose of Antsle is to make it easy to create a set of virtual servers, called antlets. You can run virtually any OS in your antlets. But how about Antsle itself? It runs a type-1 hypervisor, serving the single purpose of enabling many antlets. What sets us apart form others is that each antlet can use KVM or LXC, to your own choice. You can make that choice for each individual antlet.

To learn more about antsleOS, check out this article in our docs: http://docs.antsle.com/arch/ 

Bernie Blume