Antsle increases total amount raised to $1.3M

This one is pretty exciting for us to announce: We’ve worked hard behind the scenes over the last few months and are proud to say that we successfully raised $1 Million from 2 investors in our seed financing round! This brings our total raised to date to $1.3 Million.

This further underlines our commitment to further developing Antsle and making it a feature-rich and easy-to-use platform for everybody. Borrowing from one of the most successful Venture Capitalists out there – Peter Levine with Andreessen Horowitz – who sees eye to eye with us here and who couldn’t have written Antsle’s mission statement better:

“Mainframes (centralized computing) gave rise to PCs and client/server (decentralized), which gave rise to the cloud (centralized). So decentralized is due next. This is the breathing in and out of the computer industry. While cloud computing isn’t going away, the first signs that it’s becoming ‘yesterday’s’ technology are here. The next thing is called ‘edge computing’.”

Johannes Dietzel