10 Pain Points in Virtualization

10 Virtualization Pain Points

Not only did we start out as developers looking for a better way to build our cloud, but we've talked with hundreds of customers since then from IT Managers to Cloud Architects. We put together a list of the most annoying pain points in virtualization that we decided to solve with Antsle.

1. The "vTax"

If you’re running a major brand hypervisor, they will charge for each and every little feature you need, for clustering, and for each and every server. That’s why it’s being dubbed the vTax in the marketplace.

2. Must run EVERYTHING in a VM

Most brand-name hypervisors don’t give you access to bare-metal, side by side with VMs. Instead, they FORCE you to run everything in a VM - no bare-metal containers. All your container workloads run in VMs. This drives up your hardware infrastructure cost by up to 69%.

3. Different, historical toolsets

VMs with one tool, containers with another, software-defined storage with a third. SDN with a fourth, and on and on it goes. This drives up your learning curve and payroll cost to unknown heights - and none of this is necessary.

4. Templates in a different toolset, or not supported at all

To get a smooth and swift workflow, you need OS templates and app templates. A list of predefined OS without having to download that ISO and painfully go through that OS installer again and again.

5. Having to start from scratch over and over again

With many tools, you can’t easily define your own templates in order to copy cookie-cutter style. It’s a must for your devops workflow, and the process to create your own templates has to be quick, easy and instantaneous. Surprisingly, hardly any virtualization platform supports it.

6. Different tool for backups

In order to encourage even the casual devops users in your team to regularly backup their data, it’s important to have an robust backup tool directly integrated into your dashboard. We don’t know any that offer this kind of convenience, so we built it.

7. No disaster recovery provisions for on-prem workloads

Surprisingly, no virtualization tool except Antsle offers Heal to Cloud. If on-prem servers go down, an automatically provisioned, dedicated server in the cloud should take over.

8. Hypervisor lock-in

This speaks for itself. Once you’re on a specific hypervisor, you’re locked in to their commercial product. Antsle is hypervisor-agnostic - you can choose among the built-in open source hypervisors as the engine to power your virtualization. 

9. Snapshots take an eternity

In order to speed up your dev and devops workflows, what you want is instantaneous snapshots.

10. Unbelievably steep learning curve

Make no mistake - virtualization and containerization is complex stuff. Making it easy and simple - especially in an on-prem or mixed off/on prem setting is hard. Very had. That’s why you can hardly find really simple solutions in the marketplace

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Bernie Blume