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Running Home Assistant OS as an antlet

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Hi @des000

Thanks for the update and explanation.

I did spend some time and I got UEFI Booting to work (good news).  However, I wasn't able to get Home Assistant to boot up.

Yes, you are correct.  With your antsle One, you are on the Home Lab plan where you can use edgeLinux and antMan for as long as you own the unit (Home Lab - Free forever with purchase of antsle One).  The difference is that you more support options and features with Support plan.  You can find out more about our plans below:


Our current versions is edgeLinux 2.x and antMan 3.4.4.

For older versions of edgeLinux 0.x.0 and lower, you can do fresh install of edgeLinux but we recommend that you antlets are backed up before proceeding:

Yes, I agree that virtualized machines are best.  However, I have also run non-virtualized machines in my Home Lab for testing and entertainment purposes such as Raspberry Pi 3 used as miniDLNA Media Server.  Both Windows and Linux support SMB sharing but I'm a bit partial towards Linux. 🙂

antsle Support

First, let's narrow down this question again. I'll try to go elsewhere, except absolutely on topic, AND most relevant information. I know I could go on and on about even how great this thing has been. But that would not help anyone, including me.


First, I need to know more about free forever, does that mean ANY version that comes out, or up to a certain version. I was unclear on this point, from reading. I'm willing to accept either, and would love to comply. As for whether I pay for more or not, it "might" be helpful, but I'm unable to pay. I'm not trying to complain about it, and am working on creatively doing most in my house for free, then when I have to pay, then paying. This has made it possible to come this far, maybe not ideal. In order to get further, I MUST pay for some things. The world isn't even AS free as it used to be, and it's scary!

For example, I have to pay for DDNS, I think, as without it, I'd have to train my Mom how to keep the names open. If I lose all rights to every variation of my name, I would have to reinvent the network and how it functions, including stuff like it's name and open/close several email accounts, just to get it to function. IFTTT is no longer free, but I'm finding I MUST use it some. These are all examples I'm going to give, but they do not yet, make me dependent on someone elses income to survive, but they come as close to it as they possibly can.


So all I'm asking now, is to clarify what free forever really means, whether just that version or any. I have no need, I don't think, to upgrade yet, though if I can, I might as well.

I'm going to look elsewhere for other questions, for now. If you can answer that, I'M done with this thread for now. If I ever become able, more features for things I already use, are JUST what I WANT to pay for. Things like that, may get high priority.

Lastly, yes, I'm partial to Linux wherever possible as well.

By the way, I hope at some point, I can expand the number of your devices I've got. Even with it being not perfect, I'm very impressed by it, and it does me a lot of good. Thank you for making it, to the whole team! Regardless of whether I CAN buy more, please keep it coming, because I \really hope others will be as impressed with it as I am. Much, much better than they two PCs I used to have, which always needed rebooting.

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Hi @des000

I had heard back from our management and here is what they had to say:

The Homelab plan comes with the purchase of Antsle hardware. There is now Homelab plan as a software-only version. When you buy an Antsle server, it comes with the then-current version of antMan as per the date of purchase. You can use that version forever, without access to out support team, but only that version. I.e. you are not entitled to upgrades.

Although this is the official stance, I have heard that some Home Lab users that updated to the latest antMan as long as they are on edgeLinux 0.5.0 or higher.

For updating to edgeLinux 2.x, it is a bit more complicated.  We recommend that you backup your antlets before installing but Home Lab users do not have access to this function.  However, for those who do not need to save their existing antlets, I have heard that some have performed fresh install of edgeLinux 2.x on their antsles.

antsle Support

OK. Thanks! So as far as whether I'll try an upgrade or not, not for now. I need to believe there are features I need already in there, not to be added later, before it's even beneficial. As far as I know, not enough is there. Glad though it doesn't force you to update whether you want to or not, like Windows 10.

Second, and you may want to find out official stance on that, but not to worry won't change what I do now, is upgrading via all those methods technically against actual license, or just a "not supported thing", "Not recommended", and "Not what you actually paid for". If it is against license and legal contract, then whether I will do it is definately, "No", too. If it's mostly a "Not supported, recommended, or what you paid for", then maybe I will eventually, and then follow that license agreement, but still not now. If I had money, I would love to pay and be completely official. But either way, since it appears that newest home assistant still does not run, that's why I pretty much won't right now.

I know there are also bug fixes and security updates, but I will live with the vunerabilities for now, and just no them. I'm sure yet, they're not way too great to need to  upgrade. What's working is working fine, and I don't want to rock the boat for now, so it's likely even if I specifically paid, I probably would NOT want to change right now. As for which version I have, I have no idea right now. As for the vunerabilities, I can always patch them in other ways, usually, not by trying to change your code, but by common sense, like possibly having some border firewalls and such.

Nobody valid unless they're working on the network with me, is going to even know how to jump onto where the servers are. Most people who use my network, just want to check email, and don't know it unless it's at port 80.

I found out proxmox wouldn't work for me in my current use case on my other machine, either. So I will try Linux Mint, since it's still a client. But first, I have to learn how to join to a domain. I'm learning the samba way.

If I can't do Linux, because I just can't make it work, for underlying OS, then I suppose I will try Windows 10. I just want to share drives by ftp, and smb if possible, and run virtualbox running home assistant, since thats what I must do.

Now unless you wish to find out about license, I will call this done, after just a bit. I can't run home assistant there for now. I'm not upgrading at all right now, unless you figure it out bug free immediately and NOT "technically" against license. I will pay you if I ever can, but that's not now. Good to know it won't work, and I'll accept it and move on. It was worth a try though...

Hi @des000

I have confirmed that is our official stance (came directly from our management).

There is new version of edgeLinux is in the works (based on Debian 11) but we have no ETA at this time.

I will keep this forum post open in case there are developments concerning Home Assistant.

antsle Support

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