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Home Lab downgrade

I upgraded edgelinux/antman to latest without a business plan thinking it was just applying updates as needed for "Home Lab". I would think everyone would want to be up-to date on the plan they paid for, in my case it is the "Home Lab" plan. Everything was fine on AntsleOS 0.5.0, after the upgrade not so much.

Created a ticket, got an automated response that I need to use community forums for support.

So here I am asking how to go downgrade (if possible at all) , hoping  not to have to pay for for a business plan just to get help downgrading to 0.5.0 where all was working fine as "upgrade-antman 0.10.0" returns:

* Error: This script can only run on antsleOS 0.5.0 or 0.6.0. Installed antsleOS version is 0.12.1. Aborting.

*Purchased before "Home Lab" Response Time plan existed.


Hi @gyrorgy-marton,

Moving this to issues/bugs since it seems that seems like the best category for this.

Are there any more details you can share about what's going on? What did you try to do that gave the error output? What version are you on currently?

Below is my response to a previous thread with instructions to roll back to a previous version of edgeLinux but it would be awesome if we can understand what's going on before you roll back.


Hi @ddmscott,

On EdgeLinux 0.12.1., was able to roll back antman to 0.11.1d with "upgrade-antman 0.11.1d"

Did see the rollback instruction when searched for the word downgrade

Per my other post here is it possible to safely roll back edgelinux the same way or only with instruction you provided?

Or would this possible/safe: "upgrade-edgelinux 0.11.1"?


@gyorgy-marton, the other issue that you posted about high loads, is that why you're trying to downgrade?

I believe with edgeLinux the only way to downgrade is through the sysrec process I mentioned in that previous post. I'd like to have someone on our team take a look at that high load issue though, it just may take a couple days before they can dig into it.

Quote from Gyorgy on October 11, 2019, 8:16 am

Per my other post here is it possible to safely roll back edgelinux the same way or only with instruction you provided?



@ddmscott, yes high loads is the reason, noticed kernel was switched from -aufs to -gentoo, it was working fine before the upgrade that is why I suspect it had something to do with it.  I did stop all antlets to see if the loads are generated by one of them but loads remained steadily high (right now: load average: 3.15, 3.04, 2.55)

Does the sysrec rollback process leave antlets intact?


@gyorgy-marton, it does. But if you don't mind, give us a day or two for one of our engineers to get in touch with you to check out the high loads. It's the first we've seen it and it would be helpful to check what's going on under the hood. Is that fine with you?


@ddmscott, sounds good, I will check on it over the weekend as nobody will be using it the for sure. Thank you.