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High Load Average

Anybody experiencing high loads even with no antlets running?

load average: 4.27, 3.82, 3.05

edgeLinux version
(formerly antsleOS)
antMan 2.1.0c

"top -c" does not reveal anything out of the ordinary.

I noticed it after upgrading to EdgeLinux 0.12

Prior to the upgrade the system had no problems (for a year), but do notice the kernel change after upgrade:

~ # last reboot
reboot system boot 4.14.83-gentoo Mon Oct 7 10:17 still running
reboot system boot 4.14.83-gentoo Mon Oct 7 09:42 - 10:12 (00:30)
reboot system boot 4.14.83-gentoo Wed Aug 21 12:53 - 09:34 (46+20:40)
reboot system boot 4.12.14-aufs Mon Aug 20 12:17 - 12:37 (366+00:20)
reboot system boot 4.12.14-aufs Wed Aug 1 17:22 - 12:16 (18+18:54)

Would it be safe to downgrade edgelinux/antman with something like

upgrade-edgelinux 0.11.1


upgrade-antman 0.11.1d

I really do not care about the new features as long as our $5000 investment would run as it has in the past.