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Am I required to have a plan to upgrade?

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Thank you. That's apparently what's blocking me from completing the upgrade which I mentioned in my earlier post. I'll retry this from the UI and command line once the file is available again.


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Hi @bbergman

Here are instructions to upgrade antMan from the command (Connect with SSH to your antsle using root account):

You can download the antMan bundle directly to your antsle from the antsle's command line.

Then run the following 'wget' command from the antsle's command line by pasting the url after 'wget'.

Extract the file
tar -xzf antman-3.4.4-x86_64.tar.gz

CD into the new directory
cd antman-3.4.4-x86_64

and run the installer

antsle Support

All good - that worked.



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