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Upgraded edgeLinux, network is now wonky

I hadn't done anything with my antsle in a while, when I decided to do a couple of projects today. (No antlets or anything on it at the moment) The first thing I did was upgrade edgeLinux, which I did to 0.12.0. I honestly couldn't tell you what it was at before. After I upgraded, I restarted my antsle from antman, and now I can't connect to antman or ssh to any of the ip addresses the antsle is assigned. I checked my router and when the antsle boots up, it is definitely getting assigned 2 ip addresses, but I can't connect to either of them. After trying pretty much everything I discovered I still can ssh to [email protected], however from in there I can't seem to connect to or resolve any domain. I can't even ping my router. net.br0 is started, antman is started. Here is my /etc/conf.d/net:

# ---------------------------
# Configuration for enp0s20f0
# ---------------------------


config_br0=" netmask"


Hello kapunga,

Thank you for your support of Antsle. Would you do me a favor and upgrade your edgelinux to 0.12.1? That is the most recent version and may fix your problems. If the problem persists, please reply back so I can submit a ticket based on this issue.

The following worked for me. Comment the following lines from  /etc/conf.d/net

Then run:
service net.br0 restart
I also found that "service net.bro restart" has to be ran after a reboot as well, or I see what you are seeing.
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