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Upgrade to .12.x for loyal community

Its been a month and a whole subversion since 0.12.x was first released.  Its time to support the loyal community that has been using (and suffering through the growing pains) of your product.  I'm been around for a long time, I bought an antsle in the early days.  I got into the edgelinux beta, I bought new hardware just to work with the beta and be a part of that.

For all that loyalty I can't upgrade to the newest releases because I'm not going to pop for 349+ a year?

I get it you are trying to monetize your product, but so far as I know you still have edgelinux in beta.  Not interested in helping to beta test for 349+ a year.  Also not interested in suddenly having to pay 349+ for a product I've been using for close to 2 years now.

Your babble about community quarterly rings false, if anything the upgrade to 0.12.x should have been released first for everyone...then introduce the business plan stuff.  Additionally some "enthusiast" level should be introduced...some of us are just using these things for own private playground.

Hi @haplopeart, thank you for the feedback and sticking with us through the growing pains!

Check your antMan, our Community Repo was released today. It should be showing up in your notifications soon. If you want to upgrade now just run "upgrade-edgelinux" on the edgeLinux CLI.

-Daniel and the antsle team

Thanks for the update....

...I guess I get what I screamed for...the update took my antsle down in flames.  Something failed and now I have no network.  I guess I'll be checking in with support when I have sometime.


FYI...Upgrade from antsle OS to Edge seems to do strange things...I mostly worked it out and I am functional again....However it seems the network ports got remapped.

What used to be BR-0 no longer seems to be and in fact plugging a network cable into it causes the system to go offline. 🙁

See Included picture....there is nothing currently plugged into the indicated BR-0.  BR-0 now seems to be what the picture labels as BR-2...

Uploaded files:
  • post-upgrade.png

Strange. What does your `/etc/conf.d/net` look like?

Here you go...

(FYI a power failure caused the first reboot the machine took sicne the upgrade last night, and that lower left port still cannot be conencted to anything or the machine looses connection...actually I had to unplug and replug everything even to get connection after the reboot)
[email protected]:/etc/conf.d # more net
# ---------------------------
# Configuration for enp0s20f0
# ---------------------------
config_br0=" netmask"
routes_br0="default via"

# ---------------------------
# Configuration for enp0s20f2
# ---------------------------
# ---------------------------
# Configuration for enp0s20f3
# ---------------------------

It sounds like myself and the user in this thread are having the same issue:

Please see my resolution in the other post to this issue.