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Routine Backups for my Antsle

Quote from tpearson on August 15, 2019, 2:08 pm

[...] It's kind of disappointing to see how this product has evolved.  [...]  Really, really disappointing.  [...] But support for the non-business customer has pretty much become non-existent.  Really, really too bad.

Agree. In addition to the lack of backup-to-local that was requested (and intimated), they also failed to deliver on wireless adapter support.

Maybe it's "coming' in the future.


If you're quick (or have slow internet), you can grab the backup from the antlets/_tmp directory while it's uploading.

Don't know about the restore, though...

I have to say that there is a disconnect between the marketing to the DIY, enthusiasts and developers and their business model that prevents a certain level of customization.  For example, they are using AWS (if memory servers) to store the backups.  Why can't we provide our own S3 for storage?  Cracking the case is my own personal fear as well.  I suspect it isn't as hard as they make it sound, otherwise manufacturing would be a nightmare.  However, without pictures of the inside or a decent way to return the unit and get upgraded without having to shell out another $3K+, it makes it tough as a DIY, enthusiasts and developer.  I pay for their business repos because I don't want something goofy to stray in.  Anyway, my 2 cents on the matter.

Quote from tpearson on August 15, 2019, 2:08 pm

I've never upgraded to edgelinux simply because if I did, and didn't want to purchase a never-ending subscription of some sort, my Antsle would be so crippled up I wouldn't be able to run my home workload any longer... I'd have the capacity, but not the license, to run the VMs I'm running today.

@tpearson, can you clarify what you meant in the post above? I'm assuming you bought an Antsle which comes with the free license and we've never removed functionality from that license in updates, only added in more--like port forwarding. I want to make sure there isn't an issue somewhere or maybe something unclear in the messaging somewhere.


Quote from tpearson on April 6, 2019, 9:10 am

Yes, a 1-click solution in a future version of AntMan would be awesome!   Speaking of which, as a non-business home user, where did the antman upgrade tab go? How do we know about available updates now?  Or are we now no longer entitled to updates!?


@tpearson, you should see notifications for available updates under the bell icon, the look changed with the new UI.

Hi Daniel,

I hope I do misunderstand.  That would be great!

I purchased one of the early Antsle's (and got to know Bernie well).  I'm the guy from Pittsburg State University's I.T. department (if you ask him about me).  My box is still AntsleOS (the last version before you switched to EdgeLinux)... meaning I can run as many virtual machines as I like with whatever resources I please - up to what I'm willing to tolerate in performance based on my Antsle's hardware capacities (CPU's / RAM / and drive space).  My machine isn't overloaded, but I do run more than what I thought the "free" license permitted (3 machines, 3 gigs, 3 CPUs?).  THAT is why I've never upgraded to EdgeLinux... I thought it was "crippleware" that wouldn't permit me to run anything I pleased (within the capabilities of the underlying hardware) without purchasing some sort of ongoing tiered subscription.  If that's not true and I'm "grandfathered" in some way, then I'd definitely like to get current.  Otherwise, I'd planned to reformat the hardware and install my own linux/libvirt/zfs setup and run it from the console.  I really REALLY love the form-factor of the Antsle.  That sealed, conduction heat dissipating design is the major reason I bought it.  Low power consumption, noiseless, and a sealed case that keeps out all the dust and pet hair. 🙂

If I've misunderstood and I can run your current Antman/EdgeLinux in an "unlimited" way without recurring costs - and keep using all the interface tools you've developed - then I'm not going to throw away your GUI and reformat the device with my own home-grown setup if there's a better way to get current!

Look forward to hearing from you!  You can reach me directly (if you like) at the e-mail address registered on my Antsle account.


Oh, and to tell you what I see on the Antman GUI... it says "Not covered by an Antsle business plan" and there are several notifications about various updates under the notification icon with the 2 most recent being announcements for EdgeLinux 0.12.1 and Antman 2.0.0.

Thanks again!


From what I see on the website ( and pick "On Your Server"), the 3-3-3 license applies to using your own hardware.  If you use Antsle hardware, you aren't limited by number of antlets or anything (although without a "Business Plan", you supposedly can't use the antsle in a business setting -- and you only get 10 GB cloud backup space, and other things, which some people may find "crippling").

Hey @tpearson,

Sorry for the delay, I forgot to subscribe to this thread :D. @lancem hit the nail on the head.

If you download edgeLinux you get the Community Edition which has limits on virtual servers. All Antsle owners are grandfathered into the "Home Lab" plan which a way to distinguish between capabilities you get when you purchase an Antsle vs the other features that are with paid plans.

By the way, we're coming out with a big edgeLinux release and it should be ready for beta testers in the coming weeks and then for public release a few weeks after that. I'd wait on upgrading till that release.

Hi Daniel,

It DOES sound like I completely misunderstood that the 3/3/3 licensing applied only to Edgelinux generic installations on OEM hardware.  I did think it also applied to switching my Antsle from AntsleOS to Edgelinux.  I'll wait until the version you recommend is available and then take a look at upgrading the OS on my Antsle.  It'll be a big one... from the last AntsleOS to the latest Edgelinux.   I'm assuming that the latest Antman uses library versions (or perhaps whole packages) that don't exist in AntsleOS, so I'll want to update Edgelinux first and then Antman, right?

Thanks for clearing up a long held misunderstanding on my part!