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Reset Nano ipaddress

I had to change my internal network ipaddress from 192.168.1 to 192.168.111 due to a conflict with a client VPN network. Now I cannot get to my Nano anymore. How do I get to it via antHill anymore, nor can I SSH into it. How can I get to it to change the ipaddress?

Hi @djurden

Since you can't connect using the network, you'll have to connect keyboard and monitor to your nano (You'll probably need mini-USB to monitor adapter).

Once you've got this hooked up, you can type in the following:
cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts

Use vim or nano to edit this file, ifcfg-br0.
nano ifcfg-br0

Here's what mine looks like for DHCP:

Your MACADDRESS will be different than mine.

Once you have edited the file, you can renew the DHCP address by typing:
ifup br0

If you don't need any antlets on the nano, you can re-image the SD Card and use another SD Card.

Here's the general link for downloads:

Here's the one specific for the nano:

You can use program like to burn onto SD Card.

I have an HDMI adapter. But I don't have a USB keyboard. So I got a PS2-USB adapter. But the keyboard does not work no matter what USB port I plug it into.

I went to the store and got a USB Keyboard. I was able to get it working again! Thanks.

Hi @djurden

That's great to hear!  Thanks for sharing.