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problems after updating to edgelinux 0.12.0 and antman 2.0

When I attempt to open the console, the console bounces from the bottom of the window and then I get an error box with:

WCS-1: Error starting webconsole Error response from daemon: open /var/run/docker/libcontainerd/containerd/1fbefed2802608632814e8cd05592b184c188b03102e8477797ddb4f14d55a06/init/shim-log.json: no such file or directory Error: failed to start containers: antsle-wetty
Not sure what to do to fix this.  I can ssh in fine, and otherwise things seem ok.
This is happening on 2 antsle boxes I just upgraded, on antsle one one XD.
Uploaded files:
  • Screen-Shot-2019-08-28-at-4.56.03-PM.png

So I updated to edgelinux 0.12.1 and antman 2.0.0e, and the issue still remains. Can't start the console from the ui.

Hello cfm,

Thank you for letting us know this issue. I have submitted a ticket on this issue. Our support team will look into this as soon as possible!

Was there any resolution to this. I am also having the same issue.