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oversubscribing ram error even though other antlets are paused


My Antsle has 68 GB or RAM.  I recently created an antlet with 64GB or ram and paused two antlets running 32GB each, however when I try to start my 64GB antsle (that i've since removed to 60GB, and 48GB with no joy) I get an error message that I am oversubscribing my ram and I must stop other antlets.

What is the point of pausing if I can't re-use the resources without having to shut down the antlets?  Is there a setting change or workaround for this?



Hello Rob,

Our development team have received your request and is proceeding to create a ticket for a fix as soon as possible. Thank you for letting us know about this defect and your constant support.

Hi @rob-tavoularis,

Pausing the antlet is similar to putting a computer to sleep, and just like the sleep function the stuff in ram stays there so it can be ready when woke back up again. Stopping it is the equivalent of shutting the computer down. There may be other ways to set this up of course, such as the RAM being saved to a temporary file in the drive--I'll ask the dev team to look into those options but it won't be immediate.

Quote from rob.tavoularis on August 1, 2019, 8:17 am

What is the point of pausing if I can't re-use the resources without having to shut down the antlets?  Is there a setting change or workaround for this?



I have run into this problem. Two of my windows antlets paused on their own over night. Now I am getting this error and I don't know how to get antman back up and correct the problem. Can anyone provide help?


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Hey @scolberg!

This most likely happened because your server ran out of RAM. You can solve this issue by ssh'ing into your server and running the following commands:

  • virsh destroy <windows-antlet1>
  • virsh destroy <windows-antlet2>
  • service antman restart

Please replace the <windows-antlet1/2> with the actual name of your antlets. The commands will force-stop your antlets, but won't delete them (I know destroy sounds scary).

After you are back in antMan, just assign a little less RAM to each antlet and start them again.

Best, Marc

Thanks for the fast response. I destroyed all running antlets and restarted antman but am still getting the same error message. I verified no antlets are running using virsh -list.


Ok I got it sorted out. My problem wasn't a RAM issue. My primary disk was too full. I deleted some templates and was able to take the two windows antlets that were paused and resume them from the command line. Once resumed I was able to RDP and shut them down. Antman opened without the error.