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OPNsense 21 - KVM template for x64 available now!

The OPNsense 21 - KVM template for x64 is available now!

OPNsense is an open-source operating system that was forked from pfSense firewall software.  You can use OPNsense template to create your own firewall.

After creating and starting your antlet based on OPNsense 21 - KVM, follow these instructions to log into OPNsense Dashboard.
Username = root / Password:  antsle

For using the built-in nic (bblv):

1)  Go to Port Forwarding.  Create or edit an entry similar to below (see OPNsense_port_forward_rule.png)
Source Port = 1443 / Destination Port = 443 / Destination antlet = name of your antlet

2) Using your web browser, go to your IP Address or hostname.local of your antsle (see OPNsense_port_forward_web.png)

For using bridged nic (br0, br1, etc):

1) Go to your antlet - Virtual Network.  Click on +Virtual NIC.  Select Interface and click on Create.  (see OPNsense_create_bridge_nic.png)

2) Click on Delete next to bblv nic.  Click on "I understand, delete the default virtual NIC!" (see OPNsense_delete_virtual_nic.png)

3) Start the antlet and connect using bridged IP listed as "LAN (vtnet0)" in Console.  (see  OPNsense_LAN_vtnet0.png)
https://antlet_bridge_ip_address ( in the sample screenshot).

Uploaded files:
  • OPNsense_port_forward_rule.png
  • OPNsense_port_forward_web.png
  • OPNsense_create_bridge_nic.png
  • OPNsense_delete_virtual_nic.png
  • OPNsense_LAN_vtnet0.png