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import vmware VM to device

I have a vmware VM (so .vmdk) that has the <imageName>.vmdk as well as the drive image files <imageName>-s001 (thru s026).  I want to move this VM in it's entirety to the Antlse (not nano).

Have you tried the "import" option on your templates page? That should work for the vmdk. The drive image files should be able to be added later once you create an antlet and then click over to its virtual drives

I get the following when I try to import the vmdk (not disk files)

QEMCON-1: Error converting vmdk to qcow2 image. qemu-img: Could not open '/antlets/_tmp/uploads/9c9b1b12-3b13-4560-81cf-567bee94af75/Dystopia_Rising.vmdk': Could not open '/antlets/_tmp/uploads/9c9b1b12-3b13-4560-81cf-567bee94af75/Dystopia_Rising-s001.vmdk': No such file or directory qemu-img: Could not open '/antlets/_tmp/uploads/9c9b1b12-3b13-4560-81cf-567bee94af75/Dystopia_Rising.vmdk'

It looks like it is expecting the s files to be in the temp folder it is using.

Is there enough free space in your antlets pool for the VMDK file?