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I Installed, but how do I login?


I was finally able to access the login page.  Thank you again for your help

I'm sorry to hear that you have had so much trouble with the software.  That was my initial concern, being as new as it is.  I too was drawn in by the hardware design.  I used to have 3 tower servers running at home and they were annoyingly loud.  Having something powerful and silent to use for a home lab would be ideal.  I think the software has promise but isn't quite their yet.  I want to spend time learning the technology in my home lab setup, not days troubleshooting their software.  I understand there will be a learning curve with their software, but I'm a bit skeptical based on some of the posts I've read in this forum...

I also agree that the $150 'Grow' plan is excessive, at least for my needs.  I don't think it's worth that to pay for VLAN just to run a home lab.  As you said, there is other software on the market which provides it out of the box.  I wonder if they would ever consider pivoting to just creating a server that is certified to run more seasoned virtualization software.  I bet a lot of tech enthusiasts would splurge for that

When going to register your box, I recommend that you not use your root username.  I created another user account and then attempted to use that to register.  It did not work (couldn't find my device) but my guess is that is because I'm just testing in virtual box and my vm is using NAT.  I've been having to port forward everything.

I may give it 3 more years before diving in

Can anybody offer any solution? There must be some way out of the situation. I believe I will have to ask somebody to help me. It seems I will not cope alone. Any suggestions here? I am from the California code area I will keep looking for some helpful hints on my local forum and will update you shortly on the result.