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I can not access to the antlet##.local

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After the last update,I'm trying to access to any of my antletXX.local

without success.

I tried clear the cache on the browser, restarting the box, also my laptop,

I tried from another pc in the network, and the same result.


If I log in to any of the antlets, and then try to load the web server for any of the antlets, it loads very well, but not from my laptop as I always did before the last update.


This is from one of the antlets:


[srv_ansible@antlet70 ~]$ hostname ; ip a | grep "inet "


inet scope host lo

inet brd scope global dynamic eth0

[srv_ansible@antlet70 ~]$ curl http://antlet61

Hello from antlet61

[srv_ansible@antlet70 ~]$ curl http://antlet62

Hello from antlet62

[srv_ansible@antlet70 ~]$ curl http://antlet71

antlet71 ,

[srv_ansible@antlet70 ~]$


But from the browser I'm getting this:

This site can’t be reached

antlet61.local’s server IP address could not be found.


Checking the connection

Checking the proxy, firewall, and DNS configuration





Fidel Valero

Thanks for reporting. We identified that there was a misspelling in the names being advertised. We will check our script.

I'm having the same problem - can you let us know the misspelling so that we can continue to access the antlets while you work on a fix to the script?

If your antsle still has the original name 'myantsle' when you run the 0.9.1a update, the script was changing the 'antletX.local' names to 'myantsleX.local'

To fix this we can edit the antletsld script.

nano /usr/local/bin/antletsld

Near the bottom there are two 'for' loops, each with a 'name = ...' assignment. We want to change these back to 'antlet-' and 'antlet':

for each in xrange(10, 255):
name = "antlet-" + str(each)
for each in xrange(10, 255):
name = "antlet" + str(each)

After making the above edits to the 'antletsld file, restart the avahi-daemon.

From the command line:

service avahi-daemon restart

Or in antMan > Settings (Gear menu item) > System services

When I made the changes and go to antletXX.local, it redirects to [mydomain] page.

After further testing... It appears to happen with Firefox, Opera and Chrome. Clearing cache or restarting browser has no affect. Any thoughts?

I also got things to show up in Chrome on Windows 10.  Internet Explorer (Edge) and Firefox are both showing timeouts (some on Firefox redirect me to the anthill site).  I added the IPs to the host file as well. No luck.


Try commenting out the IPv6 line in the virtual hosts file for

nano /etc/nginx/virtualhosts/

Comment out or delete the line listening on IPv6

server {
listen 80;
#listen [::]:80;

Restart nginx

service nginx restart

If it works in an incognito or private browser window but not in a regular browser window, clear the browser cache and try again.

Same result no change in either a private browser window or a regular browser window.

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