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GUI on Antlet to manage Virtual Host Files, SSL files, and Reverse Proxy

GUI on Antlet to manage Virtual Host Files, SSL files, and Reverse Proxy

could include the selection of target Antlet, Common Virtual Host settings


This would make it less technical for the end users and more user friendly for installing 3 cert files. Right now everything is done via the command prompt.

Hi @nike

Thanks for the submitting this feature request to include selection of target antlet and common virtual host settings.

We'll share with our developers.

A HUGE +one on this!!

Could something like be used to for NGINX?  If Antman is already running in Docker it doesn't seem like too much of a stretch to run the system NGINX in docker as well & leverage the existing work of other projects.


Hi @dave-kopecek

Thanks for the suggestion for nginx proxy manager.  I'll share with our development team.

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Hi @janellecaldwell

Thanks for the suggestion.
Although we would have to log into antMan so there would authentication there.

Thank you,
antsle Support