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edgeLinux 0.13.0

I am unable the upgrade to edgeLinux 0.13.0 via update edgeLinux it keep pulling version 0.12.1.

Also the business repo access is stating the following 'You are on the latest edgeLinux version 0.12.1'



Mine TOO!

Instead of running “edgelinux-upgrade”, use “edgelinux-upgrade 0.13.0”.

that should run the 0.13.0 upgrade.


Thanks! That is good to know, I'll try it.  Should have been in the upgrade notice.

I did upgrade-edgelinux 0.13.0 and it failed and now my antsle has no antlets and I cannot ssh into the system.



I'm also having the same issue with the general upgrade-edgelinux. It just reverts to 0.12.1 I've also had issues with previous edgelinux upgrades as well and submitted a ticket that ultimately fixed everything and properly installed edgelinux and made everything work on 0.12.1.

@phanman69 As per your issue, two thoughts. They may have pulled the update from the repo for issues like you're having. Also, I'm wondering if your antlets didn't get disassociated with the Antsle OS. I'm also wondering if there isn't now an issue with the libvirtd service like there was on mine or an issue with the network interface mapping issue. Check out my solution here for network issues. However, are you still able to connect to the antsle with YOUR-IP:3000? If so then, my solution would not work for you.

Ultimately though I had to completely reset my root folder with a fresh install that protected the antlets folder and made backups of their XML files and then re-associated them after the reset. I'm reluctant to give you the instructions and script that was given to me since I'm not completely sure this is what has happened to you. I'd submit a ticket to support and mention Mario Kaack as he's the one who sent me the directions

Somethings amiss with the OS.  I get this when I try to login using ssh or with the console.


-zsh: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.29' not found (required by -zsh)