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Documentation, please!

Are you a linux guru?
yes, since the dawn of time
yes, 10 years +
yes, I have a degree in this
nope, can do some simple things but a lot of it is well above my pay grade...
whats a linux?
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Quick question: What version of edgeLinux are you running?

OK, that appears to have worked! thanks

Glad to hear that!

PS: running edgelinux version 0.12.0

@mpbaum One last comment about backing up to network shares...


I just finished a VM backup, and it was saved with the rather bland filename of  "backup_local_2.zfs.gz"

That doesn't give me any information about which VM this is a backup for!

Will I need to make and mount a separate share folder for every VM that I backup?

Might be nice if the backup system included the name of the VM in the backup filename!

I would suggest using a sub-folder for each antlet (that's the way I personally organize my backups) - but either way: I'll create a feature request to make the naming scheme of each backup more clear.


PS: You don't need to mount a new folder. Simply creating a new sub-folder like `mkdir /mnt/<name>/antlet1` will do the trick. You can also manage the folders with any other machine that has access to your NAS.

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Thanks Marc,  confirmed that subfolders work fine for us through the existing mount

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