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Documentation, please!

Are you a linux guru?
yes, since the dawn of time
yes, 10 years +
yes, I have a degree in this
nope, can do some simple things but a lot of it is well above my pay grade...
whats a linux?

Currently I can only describe the docs as "woefully inadequate".

All users of your products are not expected to be seasoned Linux gurus - or are they? I thought AntMan was supposed to make things EASIER...

Hey @rockandroller,

Any specifics on what you're looking for? If you put a list here that will help me make sure we don't have gaps in our documentation roadmap. We've been updating documentation consistently but there are a lot of areas so your input is definitely appreciated.

I'll start with this one: how do I "mount your NAS in the antsle at a certain directory path" ( for local backups...)


I recall the creation of some mount points when I install a copy of linux, but that's kind of a walk-though thing in the installer. And EdgeLinux is some kind of 'gentoo' distro - which confounds me on the command line as I come from a CentOS background

Hi @rockandroller, documentation created for mounting a NAS. Check it out and let me know how it goes. Anyone else reading this feel free to keep the requests coming.

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