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Documentation, please!

Are you a linux guru?
yes, since the dawn of time
yes, 10 years +
yes, I have a degree in this
nope, can do some simple things but a lot of it is well above my pay grade...
whats a linux?
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Currently I can only describe the docs as "woefully inadequate".

All users of your products are not expected to be seasoned Linux gurus - or are they? I thought AntMan was supposed to make things EASIER...

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Hey @rockandroller,

Any specifics on what you're looking for? If you put a list here that will help me make sure we don't have gaps in our documentation roadmap. We've been updating documentation consistently but there are a lot of areas so your input is definitely appreciated.

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I'll start with this one: how do I "mount your NAS in the antsle at a certain directory path" ( for local backups...)


I recall the creation of some mount points when I install a copy of linux, but that's kind of a walk-though thing in the installer. And EdgeLinux is some kind of 'gentoo' distro - which confounds me on the command line as I come from a CentOS background

Hi @rockandroller, documentation created for mounting a NAS. Check it out and let me know how it goes. Anyone else reading this feel free to keep the requests coming.

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Marc Baumrockandrollerlancem

Hi @ddmscott,

The link you provided has changed or has since been updated.  The one I found was here:, but it is missing the essential picture at the bottom showing how to use the mounted share as backup and I am assuming as a ZFS option too potentially.

Do you mind getting this corrected for us?

Thank you for all your help and support.  I know we all appreciate it.

I would second this, there are so many missing little things - for example remove the default nic for a device to boot, useful to know for new customers.

I have also found a lot of broken links missing pictures and incomplete instructions.

@alkalinecandy and @wynd,

We migrated the docs over to a better platform and just redid the links and images. Should all be working now, let me know.


About this page with instructions on mounting a network share: I don't see any mention of a password in that mount setup string.

( mount -t cifs -o username=user,vers=1.0 // /mnt/networkshare )

Will we be prompted for the password immediately after submitting that command?


I found a mount example online that looks a little more intuitive:

mount –t cifs –o username=geek,password=thepass //geekmini/root /media/Video

Incidentally, when I try making the command with our relevant details but formatted exactly as in the document, (mount -t cifs -o username=user,vers=1.0 // /mnt/networkshare) then I get the response

mount: bad usage

... so, stuck here ...


PS: mount -V reports:

mount from util-linux 2.33 (libmount 2.33.0: btrfs, namespaces, assert, debug)

Hi @rockandroller!

We decided not to include a password in the command - to avoid having the password printed in clear text. That means that it will indeed prompt you for a password (same as if you were typing sudo ). If you have a complicated password and try to include in your command directly, you'll also need to be careful that you place it in quotes. Otherwise zsh might interpret special characters of your password.


So if you like, you can also run:

mount -t cifs -o username=myuser,password="supers3cr2tp@ssw0rd",vers=1.0 // /mnt/networkshare







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