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Can I create a custom antlet template without leaving the original antlet?

I want to create an antlet with a specific environment, snapshot - create template.  But I don't want the original antlet left laying around in my list.  I want that template to be like the downloadable templates.

Any way to do this?

  1. Create antlet -> take snapshot -> make template from snapshot
  2. Run zfs list, find the name of your template, then zfs promote it. For example zfs promote antlets/_templates/stressTemp2.lxc
  3. Delete original antlet

@will...Do you have any ideas about this kind of error?

I created the antlet, took the snapshot, made a template and got that error.

Hello! Any news on that previous error?

@trusktr, I believe this is actually in the current release being worked on. Templates will be promoted by default. @joe-wono - do we have a projected release date for this?

We should have a release for this sometime in January.

Has this been implemented yet?
Im attempting to do the same thing, but when I go to delete the original template VM I get an error about dependent snapshots

This is still not working.

antMan 3.1.0a

EL 2.0.0


Same error as OP