Your Private CyberLab

Virtualization software and "private cloud" has been waaay too complicated. 
You need a tome-like manual and several hours to get environments deployed. That's minutes with antMan. 

How Does antMan Make you Awesome?

We are ruthless about simplicity. We've built the fastest way to create, tear down, and test. Want to deploy a cluster of virtual servers in virtual network? Watch us create it from scratch.

Everything you need to be a nimble protector

Choose Between Full VMs and Bare Metal

Get more out of your hardware. Run bare-metal containers side-by-side with VMs in a unified toolset.

Create and Deploy from Instant Templates

OS templates, instant snapshots, rollbacks. Create your own custom templates in a breeze.

Manage VLANs with Software Defined Networking

Create isolated networks (VLANS), Bridged NICs, mirrored networks, and port forwarding.

Use Swagger or Terraform to Automate your Work

Our OPEN API complaint  REST API includes swagger specs and integrates with Terraform.

World Class Support

They're the ones whose parents told them "no internet" at 13 and proceeded to hack the router.

Enable the CyberLab Mode 

Turn on CyberLabb mode to unlock a set of features built for the Cyber Range with even more in the pipeline.

Get Started Now

  • Install antman on your server. Free trial.

  • Turnkey Package. Request Quote for Appliance

antMan Grow: $149/mo

  • Full and Light Virtualization
  • Rest API
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Templating
  • World Class Support
  • Protector Mode Package
  • Love Affair Guarantee

Get your free 15 day trial. antMan runs on our OS, edgeLinux. Download and install it on your server. 

*Group antlet management is currently in beta. Group templates and community contributions for group templates are currently under construction. You can keep  your early bird price even when all features are fully completed. Once the protector package development is complete pricing will return to normal for all new users.