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One platform to build & deploy your software.

Antman on Multiple Devices

 It's as easy as public cloud - but it's private. We believe you should have the simplicity of the cloud in your hands while keeping the control, ownership, and privacy of a private data center. It's the best of both worlds. 

Antsle Private Cloud Stack

Big Picture: The Antsle Stack

We've built everything from the ground up, software and hardware combined. All you have to do is plug it in, open up your dashboard and start your private cloud journey. 

The antMan management console is as easy to use as your favorite public cloud provider and built for speed, simplicity, and a blazing fast dev/ops workflow. 

Our single-purpose, lightweight operating system, edgeLinux, allows you to run a variety of workloads and virtual servers on your choice of hardware platform. Run your cloud on rack mount servers, dedicated hosted servers, or on our signature, silent servers.

antMan: The Management Dashboard

This is where you work your magic. Deploy your virtual servers in seconds, take snapshots instantaneously, save custom templates, set up automations, and monitor your systems. All your hardware turns into one, unified cloud, managed with antMan. 

Backups Dashboard on Antman
edgeLinux Stack

edgeLinux: The Heart of your Cloud

Our open-source OS, edgeLinux, sits at the heart of the aPC Stack. It supports both full virtual machines as well as bare-metal containers. This means you can run hyper-efficient servers and get more out of your CPU and memory. All your servers can also be automatically backed up to the Antsle Cloud for safekeeping.

EdgeLinux has been battle-tested by thousands of users and leverages ZFS for a rock-solid storage backend. ZFS is also the foundation for a fast dev/ops workflow.

Hardware: It's Gotta Run on Something

We take full ownership of your experience by building both the software and hardware. Our signature, silent servers and rack mount servers are designed and assembled here in California. Giving you a tightly integrated, hardware-software combination—pow pow.  

Antsle Silent Server

"People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware." 
- Steve Jobs

Run all your applications without compromise.

Docker - Compatible application with Antsle
Windows - Compatible application with Antsle
Linux - Compatible application with Antsle
FreeBSD - Compatible application with Antsle
Ansible - Compatible application with Antsle
Kubernetes - Compatible application with Antsle
MySQL - Compatible application with Antsle
PostgreSQL - Compatible application with Antsle
MongoDB - Compatible application with Antsle
NGINX - Compatible application with Antsle
Apache - Compatible application with Antsle
WordPress - Compatible application with Antsle
Redmine - Compatible application with Antsle
GitLab - Compatible application with Antsle
Microsoft IIS - Compatible application with Antsle
Nagios - Compatible application with Antsle

Why Antsle?

  • Ready-to-go OS Templates

Use one of the many OS templates right from antMan, and create new templates with your configurations. 

  • Instant Snapshots

Take a snapshot in milliseconds. Improve your product and, if needed, roll back just as quickly. 

  • Heal to Cloud

Have all your servers backed up to the Antsle Cloud. Our cloud based servers will take over when needed.

  • ZFS Storage Backend

The enterprise-proven file system that scales, supports high storage, and protects against corruption. 

  • Instant Deployment

Spin up new antlets (our VPS) in less than 10 seconds! Select a template, assign resources and.. Wait, that's it!

  • Maximize Your Resources

Run hyper-efficient servers in bare-metal containers (LXC), docker, or full virtual machines. 

Set up your Cloud Anywhere

 Move nimbly between hardware platforms as needed. For example, set up your environment on an on-prem server, and then scale it easily to dedicated cloud servers.

Antsle Cloud Stack with Hardware

Antsle Appliance

 Silent and Fanless • Turnkey Solution with aPC Stack  

Antsle Cloud Stack with Generic Server


Easily Install antMan+edgeLinux on your server. 

Antsle Cloud Stack Hosted

Antsle Cloud

antMan+edgeLinux Hosted on bare-metal servers

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