antsle Private Cloud

One simple platform to build, deploy and scale.

antMan: Your cloud-like dashboard

Built to optimize your DevOps workflow.

Manage with simplicity.

Built on top of edgeLinux and the heart of the antsle Private Cloud: A simple dashboard to manage all your antlets (virtual servers) in one place. antMan makes it possible to deploy antlets in seconds, take instant snapshots and more. All in one easy-to-use management GUI.

Deploy in 10s

Spin up new antlets (virtual servers) in less than 10 seconds! Select a template, assign resources and... Wait, that's it!

Ready OS Templates

Download one of many OS templates right from antMan and be working in your new environment in seconds. 

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Instant Snapshots

Take a snapshot in mili-seconds, go improve your product, and if needed roll back just as quickly.

Run all your applications without compromise.

edgeLinux: A Foundation built for speed.

Battle-proven technology with a thriving community.

Run anything. Anywhere.

edgeLinux is the leading Private Cloud platform, accessible to everyone and built with simplicity in mind. 

By leveraging both virtualization (KVM) and bare-metal containerization (LXC) side by side, the user has maximum flexibility on how to get the most out of any hardware

Runs any OS

antsle lets you run any operating system: Windows, Linux, *BSD... Check out the full list of available templates below.

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Import your Images

Migrate from your current solution to antsle by simply importing your images via drag & drop.

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Quick Workflow

Taking snapshots, rollbacks, creating your own templates - all work instantaneously. How do we do it? It's built on ZFS from the ground up.

edgeLinux: Software-Only (Closed Beta)

Love edgeLinux & antMan but already have your own hardware? Get the power and ease of use of antsle Private Cloud on your own machine! Request early access below. 

antsle one: The All-In-One Solution

Designed & manufactured in California.



Fault tolerant

Easy VPS Mgmt

Ready out of the Box.

Small in form, powerful in performance: The antsle one can be deployed anywhere with its compact case & fanless design, leaving you to work in complete silence. Run 100+ Virtual Servers on one box, all in complete silence.

With fault-tolerance technology built-in and built-to-order custom configurations, you have full control over your antsle, your code and your data. The antsle one starts at $799.

Set up in 5min

We are big fans of simple: antsle is up and running in less than 5 minutes thanks to our famous 3-step setup process. Own it, Set it, Deploy it.

Runs anywhere

No fans, no vent holes, no noise. The case is the heat sink so combined with its small form factor antsle runs anywhere and in blissful silence. 

Keep it safe

antsle was developed using the latest in fault-tolerant technologies (ECC RAM, ZFS file system etc). All data is also 100% mirrored with SSDs used throughout.

Choose your hardware platform:

antsle one

Silent antsle Server I Software Preinstalled I Custom-Compiled

Any Hardware

Software-only I Runs on your hardware I Easy Installation 

Free Shipping & Money Back Guarantee

Test an antsle Private Cloud Server in your own environment risk-free. Shipping in the US & Canada is on us and we'll take any antsle back within 30 days, no questions asked.  

We Got You Covered

Support Plans that fit your need. 

Product Support

We've built a great community and online library to help you find what you need. Product Support is FREE and comes with your antsle!

edgeXperts Support Plans

This is a game changer: Get help with anything running on top of your platform and inside your antlets (VPS). Starts at $29/month!