antsle Private Cloud

One simple platform to build, deploy and scale.


Built to optimize the DevOps workflow.

Manage with simplicity.

A cutting-edge Linux hypervisor and one of the simplest dashboards you will ever use: edgeLinux is at the heart of the antsle Private Cloud. 

Our management interface antMan lets you deploy Virtual Servers (antlets) in seconds, gives you instant snapshots, templates and more. Based on ZFS and with both virtualization (KVM) and bare-metal containerization (LXC) side by side, you can get the most out of any hardware.


Import your Images

Getting started with antsle is easy: Migrate from your current solution to antsle by simply importing your images via drag & drop. 


Run any OS

antsle lets you run any operating system: Windows, Linux, *BSD... Check out the full list of available templates below.


Accelerate your Workflow

Spinning up new virtual servers, taking snapshots or rollbacks, creating your own templates - all work instantaneously.  

Run all your applications without compromise.

antsle one:

The best way to run edgeLinux.

The All-In-One Server Solution.

Small in form, powerful in performance, ready out of the box: The antsle one can be deployed anywhere with its compact case & fanless design. edgeLinux comes preinstalled so you are up and running within minutes of unboxing. And with our free 30-day onboarding, migrating to antsle has never been easier.

Every antsle is designed & manufactured in California, fully built-to-order and has fault-tolerance technology built-in. Thanks to a custom-compiled edgeLinux which gives you an extra 15-20% in speed, you are able to run all your Virtual Servers on one box. All in complete silence.

edgeLinux preinstalled

Free Onboarding

Fanless & Silent


Onboarding Included.

We make the migration easy.

Free Grow Business Plan

For 30 days, you'll get access to:

  • World-class Tech Support 
  • Business Repositories
  • No commitment, no strings attached. 

Free Tech Onboarding Call

After receiving your antsle, schedule a screenshare to:

  • Get a live software demo, including tips & tricks 
  • Ask our tech engineers any questions you have
  • Get individual advice for your use cases

After your 30-day onboarding period: You are still covered for base product issues like hardware failures etc. You also have access to our community forum for issues or questions. 

If you wish to keep the benefits of your business plan, you can easily enroll here: Enroll in Business Plans


Community Forum

Questions or Issues? Users share tips & tricks with the community.

antsle Docs

All things antsle, documented. A great resource to get started. 


ScreenCasts explaining how an antsle works and operates. 

edgeLinux: Software-only

Runs on your own hardware.

Bring Simplicity to your IT Infrastructure.

The software-only version of edgeLinux can be installed on any hardware: from large rack-mounted servers, to self-built compute solutions. This allows you to run the antsle Private Cloud on your existing hardware.

Interested in trying edgeLinux out? Request early access to our closed beta community edition.

Choose where to run edgeLinux:

antsle one

Silent antsle Server • edgeLinux Preinstalled • Free 30-day Onboarding

Any Hardware

Software-only* • Runs on your hardware • Community Support

* edgeLinux software-only currently in closed beta.