Episode #16

#16: Running antMan with your own branding.

We offer the option to let you co-brand the antMan interface. Learn how to easily add your own or your customer's logo to the antMan screen.

Video Transcription:

Hi, it’s Bernie again here talking to you as always from sunny San Diego with the latest episode of our freedom cast. And this one is about branding your antMan with your own logo. So what you see here now is the login screen of antMan. It is clearly Antsle-branded. So, all you see is the Antsle logo, and then you can log in. So now, suppose, you deliver the Antsle to your clients or something and you want your own logo to be there. So that's really easy to do. We have a sample logo right here on my desktop. It's an Acme logo. All you have to do is copy that logo.

It's called logo.png and I can copy that to my Antsle, which is called Aster in this case, to a specified directory and it's called etc/antsleOS/company and I copy the logo there. So that's it. It's copied now. 

The moment I restart my antMan, it shows the Acme logo here, which looks really funky here. If you do brand it with your own company, then automatically it says in small letters, “powered by Antsle”. So it's kind of a co-branding. We have our logo there as well, but you can put yours very much in the front of things. I hope you like that. If you like our video, please don't forget to hit the like button. Share it on social media with all your friends. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Keep commenting and talk to you soon. Bye.