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Windows 10 template too old to be useable!

I have an Antsle One Pro that I've recently updated to EdgeLinux 2, and one of the antlets I've kept on there is Windows 10 so I can have use of it for various hardware updates like GPS units, etc.

Given that the unit essentially performed a full wipe during the upgrade, it's necessary to re-do the antlets.

The included Windows 10 template is SO OLD, that it won't successfully apply all the updates that auto-install by way of the normal Windows 10 processes. Inevitably, after installing one of the many updates and rebooting, it will fail with one of the critical "botched install" failures regarding the BCD or NTOSKRNL or Winload, etc. Trying to manually correct the issue is useless, I've done very in-depth attempts via the 20H2's installation media command prompt access. The most I've managed is to get the antlet to successfully boot, state that the updates didn't succeed, and revert them - only to immediately retry and end up in the same BSOD state again.

The kicker is, trying to use the "Blank" KVM template and installing Windows 10 20H2 via downloaded and Virtual Drive attached .iso ALSO wants a device driver that it can't identify (doesn't state any device or related info) but insists isn't present.

If you try to use the Media Creation Tool download from Microsoft to try getting to 20H2 via the "upgrade" mode, it gets all the way through the end of the process and the final reboot, then tosses "0x8007025D - 0x2000C The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during APPLY_IMAGE operation" and reverts the antlet to the template version (1607!).

So, I essentially no longer have the ability to have Windows 10 on my antsle because it won't survive the three billion updates from the ancient version in the template.

Can we PLEASE get an updated Windows 10 template? Something along the lines of the 20H2 version?

Hi Grue:

Thanks for sharing your experience.

I'll share this with our developer team.