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Why doesnt virsh list my antlets on a nano?

I am at the nano console prompt, which I got to from the AntMan page.

I type virsh list, and I get an empty list:

[email protected]:~ # virsh list

Id Name State


[email protected]:~ #


Antman shows that I have created four antlets, and that they all are running.

virsh list will list all the running KVM antlets

virsh list --all will list all KVM antlets (running or not)

For LXC antlets, you have to add -c lxc:///

virsh -c lxc:/// list [all running LXC antlets]

virsh -c lxc:/// list --all [all LXC antlets]

Same thing if you want to edit the XML for an antlet:

virsh edit {antletname} will do a KVM antlet

virsh -c lxc:/// edit {antletname} will do an LXC antlet