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Why does DEL key not work as expected (delete right) in ssh as root?

Whenever I log into antsle as root, the key bindings get screwed up.

Particularly, the DEL key. Instead of deleting right as expected, it causes the terminal line to go 'screwey' and the 2 characters under the cursor to capitalize.

Here's an example of what I see:

I'm accessing edgeLinux 2.0.0 from macOS (Ventura) Terminal.

Logging into other Linux boxes doesn't behave like this for me. From trying to fix this myself via Google, I'm guessing there is a keybinding somewhere - or ksh emulation. But where?

Hi @colin

Thanks for reaching out to antsle Support.

Although I am not using MacOS Ventura, several of my teammates may be running this for their Terminal.  I'm going to share this with my teammates at antsle.

Thank you,
antsle Support

I don't think it's peculiar to Ventura - AFAIK the Antsle devices have always done this for me. SSHing onto a  fresh install of Linux (Ubuntu at least) has never had this issue for me.

Hi @colin

Thanks for the update.  I'll let our team know.

I am using Windows 11 with KiTTY (based on PuTTY) and Chrome OS with Terminal.  Although, I didn't have exactly the same behavior when typing DEL key, it did seem to behave differently.

I'll let you know as soon as I hear back.

antsle Support

Hi @colin

Yes, we were able to reproduce this issue using the DEL on Windows and Fn-DEL on MacOS.

There is a possible bug in zsh (zshell) which edgeLinux is using as default shell.

After tapping on DEL (or Fn-DEL) you are put in vi (or vim) editor where you are use the following commands:

You can move the cursor with the arrow keys, then hit Esc (to exit “insert mode” vi-style, since we’re using vi keys), and then use x to forward delete one character, X to backward delete one character. You’ll have the full suite of vi power, e.g. dw deletes a word, df, deletes all characters until the next, etc

When I type "i", I go into insert mode which is similar behavior that we are used to.

antsle Support

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