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Wetty Docker container "Created"

Good Evening,


This morning I was working on the server and noticed that the antsle/wetty is no longer running, just "created." What port should that be on/should it be on a port? I can still access the antsel from SSH, but the web console doesn't work and I am 99% sure this is why. Thank you for your time and help.

Hi @odinboydsbar-xyz

Here are some instructions below on re-creating the antsle-wetty container so that you can the Web Console:

Lets try re-creating the docker container that supports the console feature.
From the command line run

docker container stop antsle-wetty
docker container rm antsle-wetty
docker rmi antsle/wetty
docker rmi antsle/wetty:0.0.3
docker create --name antsle-wetty -p 6822:3000 antsle/wetty

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