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Using the Terraform Provider Antlets and VNICs resources

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Just wanted to drop a big +1 to everything communicated in this thread. I found myself in the exact same situation @alexray described, wanting to pair up cloud-init with an antlet provisioning process, as well as create a vnic via TF like @soneill but the API shortcomings do certainly throw a wrench into those awesome plans. As much as I'd like to take matters into my own hands and cobble something together on the openapi provider side of things, polishing the API is probably the ideal fix. I doubt I could justify a contribution designed as a crutch for this one particular API; I imagine the response would be "No, openapi provider is fine, make the API compliant and it'll work like it's supposed to".

I'd also like to toss into the wishing well, concerning API updates to get the swagger file happy, that I'd love to see a boolean property in the POST /api/antlets call that enables powering on the created antlet immediately after creation.

@daniel-luck Waiting for that update got me like


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Hi @coby-stinson (bradthebuilder):

Our developers currently have script that we are testing that performs the update and necessary fixes to get edgeLinux and antMan working properly after the updates.

In any case, that's an option that you could test with (on non-production, test machine).

I'll reach out to developers to see if that would help in this issue.

antsle Support

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Hi @coby-stinson

Here's an update with some news:

According to our developers, the issue regarding Terraform is related to our implementation of REST API which isn't affected by the update script (currently in testing).  However, our developers are working on new version of edgeLinux (based on Debian 11) but we have no ETA at this time.

Also, if you would like to to test the update script (on non-production, test machine), please send an e-mail to and we'll send the script through our support system.

Thank you,
antsle Support

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