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USB disk -problem with zfs and docker

Hello, we recently added an external 2TB USB disk and created a zpool for an external backup. After rebooting the antsle, no antlets are showing up and the docker service exits in status: crashed. Running dockerd exits with:

ERRO[2020-01-27T20:10:35.393221666-08:00] No zfs dataset found for root                 backingFS=extfs root=/var/lib/docker storage-driver=zfs

Error starting daemon: error initializing graphdriver: prerequisites for driver not satisfied (wrong filesystem?)

lsblk shows the external drive now listed as sda and the 2 internal SSD drive are sdb and sdc. zfs list shows no datasets available.

How to fix this? It's not possible to remove the usb every time the antsle needs to be rebooted, any tips are appreciated.


I recently had this issue where docker would not work. Ended up finding this article and modified my file below and the docker service came up fine.

go to /etc/docker/daemon.json

update it with the below  change the /zpool to your location. Then try starting Docker.

  "storage-driver": "zfs",
  "graph": "/antsle"

I would also recommend, when creating an external zpool, to add the disks by ID rather than sd name.

The sd names can change at boot time but the ID will always uniquely identify a particular disk.

I've attached a screenshot of an example (I tried to include it in my post, but it keeps getting blocked)


Uploaded files:
  • zpool-by-id.jpg