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Upgrade killed antsle - how can I reset this?

So, attempting the offered upgrade to edgelinux 0.13 has left me with a very broken antsle --

  • No connectivity to any antlets or sign of any antlets running.
  • No connectivity to antMan on the usual SSL port, although it is accessible on port 3000
  • No antlets shown in antMan
  • zfs-zed system service stopped and will not start
  • edgeLinux terminal will not start
  • cannot ssh into antsle, following error message appears followed by an immediate disconnect:

-zsh: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.29' not found (required by -zsh)

  • About page still claims to be running version 0.12 despite version 0.13 upgrade having supposedly completed.

How can I get this working again? Preferably with my existing antlets (although those are backed up by the backups beta, if that helps any.) It's a one XD.



it Just Happened to me yesterday ,

Just dont panic

go to anthill and try to reactivate your antsle " Note its gonna take like forever"

and all you have to do after is wait " wait for like 6 or 8 hours "

good luck

Thanks for the help. Sadly, doesn't work for me - on antHill, trying to reactivate, it won't get past the "validating credentials" stage; the pop-up clears and leaves me on the same page.



This just happened to me, quite the upgrade.  I will be super ticked if I lose all my work and custom templates.  I cannot even log into the console as GLIBC_2.29' not found (required by -zsh).


I've been sending emails since yesterday and no response.  I know it's a weekend, but my Antsle is a brick and I need it back.

My smart home automation all runs out of a couple of antlets - including the air conditioner, in this fine warm summer we're having.

All of which is to say - I'm read you clearly on that. Cannot possibly be pronto enough.



Hi everyone,

We are working on resolving the issue right now, but here is the instructions to rollback:

You'll need a USB stick with the following image:

Once you have the USB ready, connect a monitor, a keyboard and the USB stick; then boot from it. You could also use the ipmi.

Once in the sysrec OS, download the rollback shell script and execute. You can use the following commands to do so:

chmod +x
PLEASE NOTE: this script only works on antsles, not edgeLinux installs (software only solution). Essentially the antsles have a specific partition format that we are expecting.

After the script finishes, shutdown your server by executing:

shutdown -h now

Remove the USB stick, and boot normally. You should be able to access your previous environment before the upgrade.

Just to note:

I received these instructions on my support ticket earlier this morning, and they got me right back up and running with no more than a couple of minor glitches to sort out, and all my antlets are back and working perfectly.

Thank you very much, antsle folks!




Any update on when this bug will be fixed?  I tried upgrading today and had the same issue.  The steps above were able to restore from the backup, but I would like to upgrade to the newest version in the near future...



It looks like dhcpcd is part of the problem,  but not the whole problem....