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Unable to activate antsle on anthill

I was able to activate my applicance 7 months ago, but am now finally trying to do something with it, but it has been offline for a while.

I see AntMan 2.0 is out, so I got in by SSH and ran upgrade-antman. The new UI looks awesome!

Now, when I go AntHill, even after upgrade, it says the device is offline.

I deleted it, and tried to re-add it, but when I enter the serial number and current root password, no luck.

Maybe it isn't accessible on the internet?

I've got an AT&T router, and connected to that is Google Wifi mesh network. The Antsle is connected to a node on the Google Wifi mesh.

I've set up IP passthrough on the AT&T router to go to the main node of the Google Wifi network, and on the Google mesh network I am port forwarding 80 to 80, and 443 to 443. Do I also need to forward 3000 to 3000 (the AntMan port)?

Any ideas?


More likely that edgeLinux cannot communicate with the public internet.  Can you ping from the edgeLinux command line?
Although, I think you should be able to since you were able to upgrade antMan.

Here is a series of videos for trouble shooting anthill activation in our docs:

If still having issues, please submit a support ticket at and include your serial number.

I believe the issue was that right after AntMan 2.0 upgrade, when I went to see services, the anthill daemon was stuck in "stopping" state. I restarted the Antsle and was able to start the daemon, then it connected successfully.

Note that during this process, before connecting to Anthill, I was able to see a huge list of backups in my "Heal Antlets" page, although I've never made any. I wrote about that here:

Hey @trusktr, just double checking that it's all been resolved now. If not, please shoot me a note to Thanks!