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TechRepublic Review: Meet antsle - The perfect out-of-the box virtual machine solution

Jack Wallen takes a look at the antsle private cloud server and conculdes it might be one of the best things to happen for virtual machines in a long time:

Here we have reviewed about this amazing private cloud server. Antsle an incredibly powerful tool and easy to use, where you can install your virtual machine for your company. It might be the best solution invented for a very long time for a private cloud server.

I wish it would be marketed towards System Administrators and not just developers.

From a System Administration point of view, it has saved my @$$ so many times from testing software, code, and learning, to make changes before going in production. I clone a base instance, make changes to the OS, accidentally corrupt the OS or a disk volume, delete and repeat until I get it right. Then perform in production without incident!

It should be the one TOOL that every System Administrator owns.

Good input Kirk.  Thank you. There should be some of that working its way into our site in the coming months.