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ssh port forward option no longer valid

The video was posted 25 June 2020, and in the video demonstrates the ability to create an antlet, which automatically sets up 22 and 3389 port forwarding

i.e. > ssh - p 22010 [email protected].1.9

ssh: connect to host port 22010: Connection refused

Other posts suggest this feature has gone away -so why does such a recent video have it in when it is not possible?

So what are the ways to log into your antlet:

1. double hop SSH

2. Bridge NIC .. which means you have to double hop SSH into the antlet and make IP config changes - as per


I am on antMan 3.1.0d

Please update to 3.2.1.

could you point me to the docs on how to update antMan please?

From a command prompt on the antsle as root:

To upgrade to the latest version (currently 3.2.1):


To upgrade to a specific version (example: 3.2.1):

upgrade-antman 3.2.1