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Some UI improvements in Antman

(Copying this in from the other forum, for completeness sake...)

Primarily, I'd like to see some simple UI improvements. If I have just a few antlets on Antman, it is fairly easy and simple to manage. Having a LOT of antlets becomes a real challenge at times. For example, I find myself with several versions of an antlet (clones) or several snapshots, and it's hard to distinguish linearity of the antlets. I have to click on each one, find out which template it is built with, what snapshots it has, etc. So, I'm thinking something like this:

  • When hovering over an antlet name, show some additional basic info, like the template used, # of snapshots, # of virtual drives/nics, etc.
  • Have the ability to add more information to the main dashboard via columns. I.e., template name, # snapshots, created date, zpool, # drives, autostarted, etc. I would routinely add # snapshots and autostarted onto my dashboard, so I'm not clicking around looking for all my snapshots or which ones will auto start. Just having a simple number for snapshots (which, if clicked, could go to the page) in one of the columns would save me much frustration. And again, I'm not saying default this on the main dashboard, but allow users a way to add it as a new column, should they choose.
  • Add "create a snapshot" in the "..." menu at the far right of every antlet. It seems to me that snapshots are a key selling point of antsle/edgeLinux, and since you already have "clone" in there, add a menu item to create snapshots and make it drop dead simple and quick to do so. It should be fast, rather than clicking on the name of the antlet, then Snapshots, then Create, etc. Or, if you click on that new item, just take the user directly to that page -- that would work too.
  • I'd like the ability to add a description of my own for each antlet/snapshot. Since the antlet names and snapshot names are fairly limited in length, it would be great to have just one line of text I can enter to help me remember each one. For example, with multiple snapshots, it's very hard to come up with useful names after about the 4th or 5th one. I'd love to put additional text in there, like, "taken after apache2 install" or "php 7.2 with mysql 6 trial" or etc. Leave the names themselves short, but add a field we can expand upon and just keep in the local cache on antman.
  • On the Templates page, add the ability to sort available/downloaded templates by name, size, type (lxc/kvm) and maybe age(?).
  • Similar to the description request above, it would be nice to be able to add more of a description to templates I've created, so I know this one is "ubuntu 16.04 with no UI" or "Mint latest with Cinnamon" etc.

That's it for now. A few other folks have asked for greater statistics on the antlets, so I won't repeat those, but I would register my interest in those as well.

Thanks, Bruce

Thanks for adding the "description" feature to antlets - nice! Adding on to the first item in my list, it'd be nice if the description was also one of the items displayed when hovering over an antlet name. That would make it super easy to see the details without clicking into the antlet itself.

Another one I thought would be nice is if the ESC keyboard key acted like the 'close' or 'cancel' buttons on antlet screens. I find myself zipping into the antlet details often, and ESC would be a quick way to get back out a level.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!