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Self Managed Backup Issues

I have added a SSD for self managed backups.  All is well there, backups are working restoration is working.

It also appears the backup uploads to the cloud on Antsle Servers.  If I delete the LOCAL backup, the cloud backup remains.  If I delete the cloud backup then both are gone.

1st: Why is my SELF-MANAGED backup uploading to Antsle's cloud?  How do I stop it from uploading and just have my own "SELF" managed backups?

2nd:  Deleting a cloud backup should not delete the local "SELF MANAGED" backup as well. How do I prevent this?



Thanks for letting us know about the issue.

Some of the issues had to do with recent communication issues with antHill.  Feel free to contact us at  For some customers, we needed to have our SysAdmin add your Public IP Address to our firewall.

We have also let our developers know about the issues you have had with Cloud backup quota.

Thank you,
antsle Support