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Seeking details about cloud backup

Questions about the daily cloud backup:

  • What time are backups made daily?
  • I have (2) antlets running daily backups. Will they be staggered, or get back-up all at once?
    • Suggestion: stagger them!
    • Or allow me to choose the time.
  • How do I cancel a daily backup routine? I can't find a way to stop the daily backups. Or even get confirmation that it's scheduled / pending.
  • Can I limit the number of daily backups? I don't need 365 0f them, especially if they fill up my cloud storage. How do you handle this?
  • Suggestion:
    • Allow for a daily backup (rolling 7 days?)
    • Allow for a weekly backup
    • Allow for a monthly backup


@jwdenzel, good points. We're working  on implementing most of those in the future backups releases.

I'm not sure about the timing though, I'll see if another team member can chime in on that.

Hi @jwdenzel,

Scheduled backups are staggered and they start being taken at midnight (12am), one by one. Your other suggestions are very much in line to our roadmap, but no ETA for them as of today.